3rd house astrology-The Astrological Third House

3rd house astrology – The Astrological Third House

The symbolism of this House is often associated with the field of communication, the environment, siblings, relatives, neighbours, intellectual interests, early education, perception and speech, books, magazines, letters, publications and short journeys – phew! 3rd house

Although the symbolism may seem a little disjointed at first glance, and can be difficult to understand why these areas of life should be linked or represented by the same house, it does make sense once you begin to explore the reasoning behind the symbolism. 3rd house

If we see the First House as representing the moment of birth and the beginning of the individual, then the Second House can be viewed as the process of becoming aware of being a separate entity (ie, an awareness of being separate from the mother or primary caregiver). Although it may not seem significant to an adult I feel that the process of becoming separate for the first time would have been monumental for an infant, in a psychological sense. 3rd house

This awareness of being ‘alone’ or ‘separate’ brings the need to investigate what is ‘out there’. From there the symbolism in the Third House represented by the individual birth chart describes how this process of investigating the world is approached and experienced.

For example, a person who has Venus in the Third House (with flowing aspects to the other planets) would have experienced the exploration of the earliest environment as a pleasant and soothing experience. 3rd house

Communication and the relationship shared with siblings and others within the immediate environment such as relatives and neighbours, would most likely have been experienced as rewarding and enjoyable, as well as loving.

These early experiences would naturally contribute to developing a person whose approach to the people around them being easy-going and pleasant, encouraging others to behave in a similar manner. These early pleasant experiences would also encourage the development of a balanced way of thinking and expression, and developing the individual’s own opinions and thoughts.

In contrast, somebody with Mars in the Third House would have perhaps experienced the early environment as a bit of a war zone!

Regardless of what was actually going on, the individual may have felt as though they had to ‘fight’ or ‘compete’ to be heard. Perhaps there was a sibling that tended towards the aggressive or pushy side – encouraging these qualities in the individual whose consciousness was emerging.

The Third House also represents the opinions and communication style of a person, so with Mars here the way in which opinions are communicated would tend towards the direct, sometimes pushy side. These qualities would have a direct connection to the first experiences of having to be heard – ie, if you have to compete with an aggressive competitor to be heard, then you have to be louder and more aggressive than them!

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