5 Reasons Why You Should Stay at a Youth Hostel

5 Reasons Why You Should Stay at a Youth Hostel

Some travelers fear that a youth hostel might be uncomfortable, too crowded, or “too young” for them, making it ideal for a backpacker straight out of college and not for regular budget travelers.

Below are five reasons why a budget traveler (or even a family traveling on a budget) should stay at a youth hostel rather than a regular hotel.

More Local Flavor

The front desk of a youth hostel is usually operated by young people (sometimes, travelers themselves) who are very willing to give advice about local food, customs and events. Guests can consult them about any questions they might have about places to go or what to check out in the area.

Convenient for Local Travel

Most youth hostels are conveniently located near train stations and bus stations precisely because of their market: backpackers. These backpackers are shameless penny pinchers and usually want to save money on local transportation. Any traveler can benefit from the convenient location of a youth hostel.

Assistance in English

Because there are a lot of backpackers from the U.S., most youth hostels have front desk assistants who can speak English pretty fluently. This helps a guest make arrangements on a daily basis and is very convenient especially for emergencies. A potential traveler can gauge this proficiency when he emails the hostel for a booking. Some hostels actually help travelers plan their itinerary even before the guest arrives at the hostel.

Meeting People From Other Countries

While some people might prefer to keep to themselves, most travelers go abroad to widen their cultural horizons. Staying at a youth hostel guarantees that a traveler gets to meet a cross-section of individuals from other countries. Youth hostels usually have common areas where guests can interact. Sometimes, a youth hostel may throw a party for its guests so that they can all meet and interact.

Food Savings

Most youth hostels have a common kitchen which includes a refrigerator, a microwave, a sink and a toaster for common use. Guests are required to wash up and put away the dishes and utensils provided in the common kitchen. This makes it ideal for budget travelers who can’t afford to eat out every day. They can buy food from a local market or grocery and just cook or heat the food in the hostel’s kitchen.

Budget travelers have a lot to gain by staying at a youth hostel. Youth hostels aren’t just for backpackers but they’re for anyone who wants to travel on a budget and explore a new country. A guest at a youth hostel benefits from more local flavor (care of helpful front desk personnel), convenient and cost-saving local travel, assistance in English, cultural exchange with guests from other countries and big food savings.

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