50 First Dates-How do you get on first dates?

50 First Dates

Deciding on what to do for a first date can be a daunting task. First dates should allow both people to express something about their personality without feeling inhibited or under pressure. A successful first date should also allow conversation to flow easily between two people. Here are some useful date ideas.

Fun First Dates That Start Conversation

The following ideas provide prompts for conversation starters, breaks from dialogue and quick changes of topic.

  1. Join a table at a trivia night.
  2. Go to a comedy show.
  3. Have fun at a fancy dress shop – there’s nothing more lovable than a person willing to look stupid.
  4. Comfort each other on a spooky ghost tour.
  5. Scour flea markets for a bargain.
  6. Go to a games arcade – nothing says “love” like an over-stuffed toy panda.
  7. Try some luck at the casino – this always works well for 007.
  8. Impress each other at a cooking class – things can get hot in the kitchen.
  9. Visit the zoo.
  10. Have fun at a fair – take in all the clichés such as the hall of mirrors, ferris wheel and strong man competition.
  11. Pull out the boardgames and re-count happy childhood memories.
  12. Go ice-skating followed by a toasty hot chocolate.
  13. Hire a scooter and take a town tour.
  14. See the circus – for bonus points, make sure it’s an animal-friendly one.
  15. Visit the aquarium.
  16. Volunteer – it’ll bring out the best in both people and contribute to the community.

Fun First Dates for Art Lovers

Bond over a shared passion for art, music or literature with some of these creative first date ideas.

  1. Go to an art gallery – there’s a lot to learn from differing perspectives.
  2. See a musical – and sing to each other all the way home.
  3. Take a pottery class – draw inspiration from Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore.
  4. Attend a poetry reading.
  5. Try life-drawing – be warned, it can get a little bit “cheeky”.
  6. Be silly in a photo-booth – they could be the first of many happy snaps to come.
  7. Go to a music concert.

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Fun First Dates for Athletic Couples

Take advantage of a little friendly competition and get to know one another on the court, field, track or any fancy-tickling sports environment.

  1. Try rockclimbing – crotch-hugging harnesses always make for a laugh.
  2. Play a little one-on-one basketball.
  3. Go paint-balling – Heath Ledger and Julia Stiles made it look like so much fun.
  4. Break a sweat at the gym.
  5. Play golf – get the full effect with funny golf clothes and some wild cart driving.
  6. Go bowling, or better yet, disco bowling.
  7. Take a dance class.
  8. Shoot some pool.
  9. Go to the races.
  10. Rev your engines at a go-carting track.
  11. Try a quirky sport like dodgeball – or dwarf-tossing.
  12. Get dirty – on dirt bikes, of course.

Fun First Dates That Allow Conversation to Flow

Love talking and not afraid of awkward silences on a first date? Try the ideas below, which allow longer, continuous conversation between two people.


  1. Do lunch instead of dinner – it’s far more relaxed.
  2. Go out for breakfast – it’s something different, and if things don’t go well, easy to make a break from.
  3. Set sail on a river or harbour cruise.
  4. Wet a line at a local fishing spot.
  5. Pack a picnic and lay on the grass.
  6. Star-gaze from an observatory.
  7. Go to a themed restaurant.
  8. Spend an afternoon at the beach; build sandcastles, splash around and pick up a seaside icecream.
  9. Catch a sushi train – all aboard!
  10. Go rowing on a lake.
  11. Play in a park.
  12. Get off the beaten track and go hiking.
  13. Participate in a charity ride or walk-a-thon.
  14. Test your palate at a wine tasting afternoon.
  15. Attend a high tea – every man loves scones, every woman loves cupcakes.

Whatever a first date may entail, be sure it is something that allows both people to feel comfortable in their surroundings, speak easily to their companion and express something about their personality. Steer away from date ideas that may be perceived as threatening or intimidating and, as long as both people have a good time, it’s likely a good first date will lead to a second.


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