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5th house-The Astrological Fifth House


Welcome to the 5th house-Fifth House! This part of the chart is traditionally associated with fun, love, creativity, your own children and what type of activity you like to be involved in as a hobby. It also symbolises games of chance such as lotto, bingo, competitions, etc.

Before looking at the Fifth House, I’ll briefly recap the others we have explored. 5th house

First House represents the beginning of the individual: the Second House as becoming aware of ‘separateness’, and the Third House as trying to ‘connect’ to what is around in a mental sense, then the Fourth House can represent the need to consolidate all that has been collected through the previous houses and to begin the process of forming the identity. 5th house

Following on from the Fourth House where we formed our basic personality structure, we move on to the Fifth House to begin enjoying our newfound identity, and to allow others to appreciate it too. We now know that we are a ‘someone’ because of our Fourth House experience, but in the Fifth we go through the process of becoming a ‘special someone’. 5th house

Looking at the symbolism in this House often describes whether or not, and how, we experienced others’ appreciation of what makes us special, as well as how we experienced love and affection from those around us. As adults our experience of love affairs, our own children and creativity are represented in this part of the chart.

For example lets take a look at Pluto in the Fifth House.

The influence of Pluto in the Fifth House often indicates that a person felt that love was a question of life/death when growing up (depending on which zodiac sign and other indications as well). A more detailed look at this person’s growing up years may reveal the loss (physical or psychological) of one of the parents that perhaps the child felt responsible for, ie, ‘I wasn’t lovable enough so my parent has left me”.

Even though this particular person may consciously acknowledge that the situation that developed was out of their own control and logically understand that they are not responsible, at a deeper, emotional level this person may feel that if they were more ‘lovable’ that their parent would not have left them.

Consequently, this person may go through life experiencing love relationships as quite intense and at some level as a matter of life and death (psychologically speaking). Feelings involved in becoming a parent may unconsciously bring these themes back into the individual’s life to be examined and dealt with.

Of course, this is a look at some of the extreme ways of experiencing Pluto‘s energy but highlights how the Fifth House can be interpreted.

Once these themes have been confronted and overcome, the potential for deeply emotional and long-lasting ties with loved ones are just some of the benefits of having this placement. Since the Fifth House represents creativity and what is special about you, the symbolism found in this part of the chart can help us discover our talents.

The symbolism found in the Fifth House can also be used as a pointer to expressing your talents, for example we’ll use Pluto again. One way this energy could be expressed would be that the individual would probably do well with recycling materials and transforming them into creative works that expressed a complex part of themselves.

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