6th house-The Astrological Sixth House

6th house-The Astrological Sixth House

The Sixth House is a bit like the ‘have to do basket’ that we keep putting off. Those chores, and daily bits and pieces that we have to do to keep our lives running (at home, work, or anywhere we spend a lot of our time), and all the ways we look after our bodies’ ailments (ie, exercise, physiotherapy). 6th house

The symbolism found in this house shows you what type of skills that you have and, because this house represents the environment within your daily life, the people you have to work with. Pets and small animals are also represented here because they are an extension of the environment that you interact with. 6th house

In a nutshell, this house represents responsibility, duty and health problems – we all have to learn about boundaries. So although this part of the birth chart is sometimes referred to as the house of health, in fact I think it would be more appropriate to think about it as the house that represents what type of illnesses an individual is prone to.

Following on from the Fifth House where you have no boundaries, are invincible and the world revolves around you (lol!) it’s only natural that reality (Sixth House) has to be faced sooner or later. This may be through the realisation that our bodies are not indestructible and that we do eventually have to grow up to some extent and face our responsibilities. 6th house

Through these processes we also learn how to balance our Fifth House desire to have fun with our Sixth House responsibilities.

As mentioned above, this part of your chart represents your routine, daily life – for many of us this also describes our working conditions.

For example, Venus in the Sixth House suggests that the individual has a natural flair for work that involves diplomacy, beauty, art, etc. Since Venus is the planet of love some people with this placement at birth may form a love relationship with a co-worker. The down side to this placement can be that the individual finds it hard to get motivated when it comes to the ‘not so pretty’ side of daily drudgery like cleaning the toilet, getting up early to go to work, etc.

Venus here also can symbolise health issues relating to the kidneys, urine, veins and the reproductive system in general.

In summary the symbolism shown in the Sixth House shows us what we type of work we are naturally good at, how we work with others, work at our responsibilities, and adjust to the boundaries that we face (even though they may be a little uncomfortable).

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