8 Ways to Encourage Yourself in Your Job

8 Ways to Encourage Yourself in Your Job

You could be discouraged in your job for reasons such as lack of job satisfaction, or feelings that you have not been treated fairly. But here are eight steps to help you encourage yourself, and move to fulfill God’s purpose for you on the job.

Create a Personal Vision

Understand that you were created to fulfill a purpose in your life. Know that you are on earth to make a difference in your family, community, and organization. This knowledge should motivate you to to take action. This should stimulate you to picture where you want to be in the future. For example, your vision might be to move into a position of great influence in your organization.

Use Affirmative Visualization

There are steps that you must take to achieve your vision, and the first step is visualizing where you want to be.The Sykes Groupsuggests the following steps to visualizing your success:

  • Paint your vision of success
  • Think about the goals you want to achieve
  • Visualize as if you have accomplished the goal
  • Picture the steps and the challenges you encounter to achieve
  • Envisage the feelings of success and benefits of achieving your goals.

Strategize for Long-term Growth

Honestly assess how your career is going, then clearly define your career pathway. With this in mind, put plans in place to develop yourself so that you maximize your talents and develop the skills you need. This means getting out of your comfort zone, and be prepared for unexpected opportunities. Look out for opportunities in your organization, or how you can progress from your current position.

Set Goals for Yourself

When you set goals, you have a schedule to reach your destination. Specifically, write down specific career goals, and list the benefits of achieving these goals. Constantly remind yourself of these benefits, and this will keep you focussed and motivated. It will help to post the details of your goals in a visible place. Write down your achievements and this helps to track your progress.

Create Early Momentum Daily

The start of your day is likely to set the pace, and your attitude on the job for the rest of the day. To set the pace for your day, schedule time for prayer and meditation on God’s Word, and ask God for direction. This will help you to mentally prepare yourself for the day ahead. Be sure to to continue to reflect on these Scriptures throughout the day.

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Employ Power Thoughts

Start to pay attention to the negative messages you often give yourself, and change these thoughts about yourself. Develop positive statements you say to yourself, for example,” I can can do all things through Christ ” (Philippians 4:13). Make a list of Scriptural affirmations and read them to yourself repeatedly.

Choose Your Words Carefully

Communicating a positive attitude through your words and body language is critical. In addition to communicating your needs effectively, be sure to make positive affirmations about yourself, and your job. Make daily Scriptural declarations, for example:

  • God supplies ALL I need, and so I have the ability to exceed expectations in my job (Philippians 4:19 NKJ)
  • Despite everything, I have an overwhelming victory through Christ who loves me. (Romans 8:37)
Do Well Through Doing Good

You will find that as you encourage and affirm others, you are encouraged, and this brings out the best in you. So seek to contribute to the welfare of your co-workers or volunteer to help others in your community.

Scripture Focus

“This day is holy to our Lord. Do not grieve, for the joy of the LORD is your strength (Nehemiah 8:10 NIV).

Prayer Of Commitment

“Father, thank you that you give me your joy that is my strength in the face of discouragement. I move into the success that you have already provided for me in my job. In Jesus name. Amen.”

Declaration of Blessings

“I will achieve the purpose God has for in my job, joyfully.”

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