Accepting a New Job Assignment

Accepting a New Job Assignment

When considering a offer of a job promotion or transfer, look at all of the pros and cons of the new role. If the pros outweigh the cons, you can feel confident the new role is a good decision.

Will Declining the Offer Contradict What You’ve Said You Wanted?

Declining an offer for a new job role that you have been asking for will not only confuse senior management it will be seen as a lack of clarity. This lack of clarity around what you want can make upper management refrain from taking you seriously or investing in your career development.

Will The New Job Role Be Too Big Of A Stretch?

Sometimes promotions and transfers are offered prematurely. If you feel you don’t have the skills to do the job with ease and efficiency, you may request that the transfer or promotion be delayed until you’ve completed a training program or worked under an experienced mentor in the same or similar role.

Will The New Job Role Or Transfer Increase The Stresses On Your Family And/Or Decrease Your Down Time Significantly?

Health and a good balance between work and life are critical to happiness and stress management. If the new job assignment will mean a significantly longer commute, overtime and/or weekend or evening work, or bringing work home after hours then consider the impact on your health both physically and mentally.

Will Your New Boss Be A Better Mentor?

The saying that people don’t leave jobs, they leave managers is something to consider when deciding on a job transfer. If your current boss is a terrific role model and is well respected in the company and the industry, make sure that your new boss will be as good or a better mentor.

Will You Have More Resources And Support In The New Role?

If the transfer or promotion comes with more support staff, technology or other resources, this can be a huge advantage over your present situation.

Will The Promotion Or Transfer Mean A Higher Salary Or Potential For One In The Future?

Promotions usually come with a pay raise. If the promotion or transfer doesn’t come with a pay increase, make sure there aren’t additional costs that actually reduce your net take home income such as increase cost of fuel, parking, relocation costs etc.

Will The New Role Be The Next Step In A Larger Career Goal?

If you have a goal to move into management, accepting a promotion or transfer that will mean you move into a leadership role supervising a small team would be a great step towards achieving your goal.

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