Accepting Bipolar Disorder

Accepting Bipolar Disorder

There is no cure for bipolar disorder, yet most bipolar adults and parents of bipolar children ride a roller coaster of drug dosage alterations and perscription changes in an attempt to chemically control bipolar moods.

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What is Hypomania?

Drugs designed to lift people out of depression carry the risk of sending them reeling skyward into the opposite extreme of mania. The question, in this case, is whether the mania would have soared so high without the chemical influence of antidepressant drugs.

Mania and depression in shifts create an overall balance in energy

Mania can be characterized as a highly energized drive to create, invent, or just do something, oftentimes for the greater good. Mania can be very helpful to individual productivity and creativity and to society at large. It can also be dangerous to the individual and possibly to others when it goes too high.

Might not depression, a low mood, tiredness, and retreat come naturally and by neccessity after an episode of manic energy?

Understanding the necessity of the low mood to balance the high mood makes it possible to accept bipolar disorder and find one’s own balance.

Accepting our bipolar children

Bipolar children’s moods swing more dramatically than non-bipolar children. In order to have an overall balance, their moods must cycle between high and low.

Like any child, we can give our bipolar children unconditional love and acceptance, allowing them to feel how they feel without adding more pain (parental anger, frustration, fear, disappointment) where pain already exists because of our children’s intensely sensitive emotions.

We can help them understand that they are not alone in their way of being. Because bipolar disorder is highly heritable, chances are that someone else in your family has bipolar mood patterns.

We can help our children accept the necessity of their highs and lows so they can create a lifestyle that works for them, i.e., one that supports their needs for retreat at times when they need to recharge after a period of high-energy mania.

Consider trying nutritional supplements or alternative therapies that are less likely to adverely affect your child’s moods.

Acceptance of bipolar mood patterns is key to making peace with one’s bipolar nature and for creating a lifestyle that will support and take advantage of bipolar strengths as well as allow for meeting the need for down time.

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