ADHD treatment without medication- ADHD Natural Remedies

ADHD treatment without medication- ADHD Natural Remedies: Reduce Hyperactivity Without Medication

ADHD natural remedies can make a positive difference in the life of a child who lacks impulse control and has difficulty focusing. Herbs and certain nutrients can help calm children who have ADHD or ADD disorder. Dietary changes and relaxation techniques can also work well as ADHD treatments.

Alternative ADHD Treatments

Parents who do not want to use medication to reduce ADHD symptoms can try various relaxation techniques to see which ones are most effective. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, massage therapy can improve concentration and reduce hyperactivity in children with mild forms of ADHD. Meditation and deep breathing exercises may also help.

Research suggests that herbs can also help some children with ADHD and ADD disorder. In The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Natural Remedies, Chrystle Fiedler points to a study published in the journal Nutritional Neuroscience about the effectiveness of pine tree bark. Researchers found that the bark reduces stress hormones, and hyperactivity. It also improves concentration and coordination.

ADHD Diet: Does Food Matter?

No one knows for sure if certain foods can reduce the symptoms of ADHD. Yet diet appears to have some effect on a child’s behavior. According to Web M.D., foods that are high in sugar content can cause children to become more active at least temporarily. Carbohydrates and processed sugars can cause spikes of levels of sugar in the blood.

An increase of glucose (sugar) in the blood causes a sudden jolt of adrenaline which gives a person a sudden burst of energy. Children who have ADHD or ADD disorder may become even more hyperactive when this happens. Foods that are high in fiber can help stabilize adrenaline levels.

The Feingold diet, a meal plan created to reduce hyperactivity in children with ADD and ADHD, is getting mixed reviews from parents and physicians. It involves completely eliminating foods that contain artificial coloring and flavoring from a child’s diet. The creator of this diet Ben Feingold, M.D., also believes that children with ADHD should not eat foods which contain salicylates because their bodies are unable to metabolize it. Salicylates are found in berries and other foods.

The article titled Natural Remedies for Anxiety offers tips for maintaining a calm mental state. Some of the suggested treatments are also effective as ADHD treatments. The article titled Panic Attack Relief explains behavioral techniques that can also be beneficial for children with ADHD and ADD disorder.

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