Affirmations for Personal Development

Affirmations for Personal Development

According to Jerry Lopper, “An affirmation is a statement of declaration, a reinforcement or affirming of a strong belief.” Saying affirmations consistently can affect the way your conscious and subconscious minds process information and create your reality. Use the following steps to enrich your personal growth journey and attract what you desire.

Step 1: Create an Affirmation List-Affirmations for Personal Development

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To write affirmations, use first person, maintain the present tense throughout, and state them aloud several times daily. You can create a list of about 20-30 affirmations for the life areas you wish to work on. Keep the list at your bedside, in your pocket, or in your car, and use spare moments to declare intentions to the universe.

Step 2: Change Your Thoughts

-Affirmations for Personal Development

As you develop a routine of saying your affirmations, your conscious and subconscious will become more preoccupied with what you’ve been focusing on. Because you have thousands of thoughts per day, it is important to stay positive and think about the kind of life you wish to create. Based on the Law of Attraction, you draw into your life that which you place your attention on. Using affirmations to change your thoughts can ultimately change your life.

Step 3: Improve Your Attitude

-Affirmations for Personal Development

Your general disposition and feelings about life can be described as your attitude. Maintaining a positive attitude can keep you in the flow of healthy energy, momentum, and experiences. So how do you keep your emotions high? Use the power of affirmations to achieve a state of mental and emotional bliss. By thinking happy thoughts, blessing the experiences in your life, realizing the silver lining, and expressing gratitude for all that you have, your thoughts and feelings help manifest the good you deserve.

Step 4: Make Healthy Choices

When the thoughts you think and the feelings you feel are aligned in the highest and best way, your actions will reflect what’s on your mind and in your heart. Repeating affirmations and declaring your positive intentions consistently will shape the choices you make on a day-to-day basis. For example, you are less likely to indulge in a chocolate muffin if you’ve been repeating to yourself, “I eat healthily and I love my body.” You have to take responsibility for assuming control of your actions and the choices you make.

Step 5: Evolve

When you are ready and willing not only to change but also to evolve, the universe will gladly assist you in manifesting new experiences as projected by your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual desires. The formula becomes “happy thoughts + good feelings + positive actions = healthy reality created by you.” The process begins with a thought, and by saying affirmations you can keep your thoughts centered on good.

Personal development is a process in which every day there is room for improvement and self-awareness. As you gain insight and change your life by using tools, such as affirmations, you will become more confident in your ability to create a brilliant life.

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