Am I Cursed?

Am I Cursed?

Maybe a person has had a string of bad luck lately. It could be problems at work. Perhaps an individual’s love life isn’t all it should be. Possibly home life has been bad or someone has been suffering from a string of illnesses.The decision is made to consult a psychic and the person is told that there is a curse on them. What is someone supposed to do?

The short answer is this: Run as fast as one can and don’t become a victim of psychic fraud! Although there are many legitimate psychics out there, there are also many phony ones who prey on innocent victims in order to get all of the money out of them that they can.


The Phony Psychic Curse Scam


A person visits a psychic and during the reading a psychic tells that person that they have a curse on them. This curse might only be on an individual or it could be one that was put upon a person’s entire family. Immediately the person become upset, but not to worry. For a certain amount of money, the psychic is more than happy to remove the curse.


No Scientific Evidence of Curses


There is no scientific evidence to suggest that curses are real. However for those who believe in curses, the fear associated with them is real. It is the fear of a curse, and not an actual curse which can be harmful.

For example, Mary Smith just found out a curse has been put upon herself. It’s all Mary can think about day and night. From the moment Mary wakes up in the morning until Mary finally falls asleep at night, Mary’s stomach is in knots with body trembling, wondering when the curse will strike.

Although Mary fears leaving the house, Mary must take a quick run to the store. Mary starts up the car and drives down the road. Instead of paying attention to driving, Mary’s mind is wandering, thinking about the dreaded curse upon herelf. Mary doesn’t notice that the light has turned red and speeds through the intersection crashing into another car. No curse made Mary do this. It was Mary’s neglect in paying attention to driving that caused the accident.


What To Do If A Psychic Tells Someone They are Cursed


If a psychic tries to tell an individual they’re cursed, leave. If a person hasn’t yet paid the psychic, don’t. If a person has already paid the psychic, attempt to get the money back, although it’s doubtful it will happen. If there is anyone the psychic can be reported to, do it. This can help prevent others from being scammed.

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