Animals And Reiki

Animals And Reiki:

Animals are more receptive to the energies of reiki than humans. Read about how reiki cured a donkey’s gangrenous leg.

I refuse to believe that donkeys are stupid. In fact, I  believe that they are highly affectionate and receptive to human love.

 The Joys of  Pet Donkeys

We’ve got four donkeys on our farm in Bannerghatta, Bangalore, where they are on perpetual holiday, except for towing a wheelbarrow of sand once in a rare while.  They do create a nuisance of themselves when they munch  young trees, but they also fertilize the soil with dung which I am told is prized as manure.

 I adore their strange black lips, soft muzzles and beautiful kohl-ringed eyes. The moment they hear my visiting voice on weekends, they welcome me with a din of braying. And it’s not just because I feed them with carrots and cabbages. They actually love me.

 Especially the one called Suri. Alas, the late Suri.

 Gangrene in the Hind Leg

Suri used to compete with his brother, Bhima for the attentions of a female donkey and being the gentler beast, often got attacked by the aggressive Bhima. What is Reiki dog

One such attack left him with a hind leg smashed into smithereens, with not a decent piece of bone left and to make things worse, gangrene set in. There was absolutely no hope with gangrene. The vet suggested we put Suri to sleep.

 Reiki to the Rescue

 I was appalled. I decided to try my second degree reiki healing on the beast for two weeks before taking such a drastic step. I laid my hands on his leg for 15 minutes each time I visited and sent him distant healing from the city every day.

 Suri was running on that leg, albeit a bit crooked looking, within two weeks.

 A normally shy beast, after that event, Suri became more approachable to others. I had noticed how his initial reserve had melted when I touched his injured leg and he would stand very still and not budge even when my hands got really hot.  After he was healed, he began to show me new signs of affection, nibbling at my hands playfully whenever I petted him and ran my healing hand along his crooked leg just to make sure that all was well.

 Animals More Receptive to Reiki

Animals do accept the reiki energy more willingly than humans and they know when they have had enough unlike humans. They do not possess that often destructive logic that dissects the mysterious to bits and rejects it.  And this is why their instincts are stronger than ours.

 That miracle made many see reiki in a new light and I went on to arrange free reiki attunements for four people in CUPA – Compassion  For Animals Plus Action (of course reiki is never given free and I paid a small fee on their behalf).

 I hope they use this marvelous energy to help the distressed animals they come across.   I do. Sometimes dogs and cats do get fidgety as the heat in my hands increases and at such times I send them distant healing which works just as well, as I have seen in the case of Suri.

 Alas, Suri perished recently from a week long infection caused by another attack by Bhima. I hadn’t been to the farm and no one had told me about it.

I am pained because I know I would have saved Suri’s life even if I had not been able to touch him.  But Suri did his bit to deepen my understanding of reiki and donkeys and so, he did not live in vain.

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