Aries Child – Aries Baby Names – What is an Aries baby like?

Aries Child – Aries Baby Names

Parents expecting an Aries baby can get an indication of the potential personality of their child by using astrology. The zodiac can also serve as the source of ideas for a baby name.

Aries Baby Personality

A typical Aries baby is healthy and quickly recovers from any illness though they are apt to have accidents and injuries, often involving the head. Often curious with a vivid imagination, Aries babies usually walk and talk early, and they tend to be attention seekers who like to be in charge.

Arians can lose their temper when they don’t get their own way, though an Aries baby is usually generous with toys and very affectionate towards family and friends. An Aries child is often energetic, impulsive and relishes adventure. Often passionate and dedicated, the child is likely to be a natural leader and may expect playmates to follow their command.

Parenting an Aries Child

Typically a curious and active toddler, an Aries is likely to have more than their fair share of bumps and bruises. An Aries baby is usually very determined and it can be challenging to raise a child born under this sign of the zodiac. Often, the best way to parent Arian children involves creating a challenge as most Aries enjoy an opportunity to prove themselves!

Aries children may rebel against authority at school and a parent will need to teach them how to obey authority, rules. Parents frequently need to promote compromise too.

Aries children can courageous, and many love trying new things and solving problems. These traits may make the child appear confident, but they can be fragile emotionally and may need reassurance and frequent reminders that they are loved. Parents should encourage a typical Aries child to participate in sports or competition, as Arians natural propensity for leadership. This sign is likely to excel in anything where there is competition because it can bring out their strong spirit.

Aries Baby Names

Arians are ruled by the planet Mars and according to astrologer Russell Grant, a Mars-Aries name will channel the energy, spirit and vitality of a child into thinking independently and standing up for themselves. Here are some example names for an Aries child:

  • “Audrina” is a female Anglo-Saxon name meaning “strength and of noble character.”
  • “Chandler” is an English name meaning “candle maker.”
  • “Emily” is an old Roman family name meaning “competitor or rival.”
  • “Gideon” is Hebrew/Jewish for “he who cuts someone down to size.”
  • “Neil” is Gaelic for “passionate” or “champion.” An alternative meaning is “a cloudy man.”
  • “Richelle” is Germanic/French for “brave, strong and powerful.”

Parents seeking ideas for a unique name and an insight into the personality of their baby can use astrology for inspiration. More detailed information about the child can be gained by getting a natal chart constructed by a professional astrologer.

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