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Aries in Astrology

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and represents the birth of a new stage or situation, in an broad sense. It is also a cardinal and fire sign (see my articles on these topics) – this simply means that people who are affected by Aries energy (eg, Sun, Moon or Ascendant in this sign) will tend to be forthright, full of initiative and ‘fiery’. Aries in Astrology

Aries Dates: March 21 – April 19
Symbol: The Ram
Ruling Planet: Mars
Tarot Card: The Emperor

The symbol for Aries depicts the head and horns of the ram and key words that can be associated with this sign include ‘I am’ and the purpose ‘to lead, to pioneer’. Aries in Astrology

Because Aries represents the beginning of a new cycle and represents the birthing stage, it can be taken to include some of the themes associated with these stages. There is a high-spirited, naïve and energetic feel to this sign that tends to leap before looking. The enthusiasm found in Aries people also tends to inspire others into action and also tends to ‘ignite’ others! Aries in Astrology

The colour red is associated with this sign. Health problems related to Aries, if there are any, are usually related to the head and face. Many injuries relating to this sign are often caused by the Aries need to rush along to follow their inspiration and enthusiastic approach to life. Being frustrated or restricted in any way can also lead to high blood pressure or headaches. Aries in Astrology

Some of the other traits associated with Aries include: passionate; independent; unconsciously selfish; self-motivated, brave, deep down need to be liked, reliance on others seen as weakness; honest, short lived anger; lacking in persistence and stamina; tactless; unaware of others; easily bored; lacks strategy; highly strung; quick to rebound; and childlike innocence.

My experience of the Arian energy through my personal clients is that of needing to believe in whatever they are involved in, but they tend to get into trouble because of their natural need for adventure and jumping into situations before fully understanding the consequences of their actions. Even though they can get into some pretty tangled situations, their intentions are usually good. Psychologically, there is sometimes an issues involving the father that needs to be examined. Aries in Astrology

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