Aries Rising Sign Personality and Traits

Displaying the Ram’s Public Characteristics

Mighty Character of Aries Rising
The rising sign displays the character one subconsciously reveals to others. Hand movements, speech patterns, also how one wishes to appear to the outside world.

Everyone has a private and public persona, the character found at an individual’s core, can differ vastly from the personality one presents to the world.

Time of birth is needed to determine the rising sign in astrology. Once the full birth date, including time and place are placed into a birth chart generator, the rising sign appears on the left side of the chart wheel, or in the text below the wheel.

The Aries Rising Personality Also referred to as the ascendant sign, some astrologers see it strictly as a physical body description, however, others have noticed that it’s also an outside face, which is presented to the world. Superficial in nature, but nevertheless a personality.

An individual born with an Aries rising sign usually makes a strong first impression, tending to move quickly, and abruptly, while speaking in a direct and candid manner. They are often found looking for the heart of the action at social gatherings, loving to place themselves in the middle of a livelier group. If the activity slows, an Aries ascendant will once again look for another excitement-filled gathering.

If all else fails, Aries may take it upon herself to stir up the crowd alone, with the intention of re-igniting the enthusiasm level. If the Aries ascendant individual has a more docile Sun or Moon sign, he/she would be inclined to flow with the energy of the crowd, rather than try to reinvigorate them.

With the abundance of energy the Ram possesses, it’s little wonder why displays of impatience are not uncommon, especially before and during the adolescent years. Usually, as the Aries person grows older, some measure of composure is infused into the personality. This process requires a good deal of effort and many years of commitment.

Experimenting with Boundaries

Pushing the envelope in an effort to find out what lays around the next corner is another strong ram trait. This fire element, rising sign has a burning desire to forge new trails — to make an imprint — and then leave a marker for the next person. An Aries could not be more proud to be recognized for having invented a new way of doing something – it brings the ram true, heartfelt pleasure.

For all the risks that are associated with forging new territory — humiliation, rejection and sometimes danger — Aries thoroughly deserves acknowledgment for this innate talent. Not everyone is willing to be scoffed at, when attempting to present a new method or idea. Instead, Aries first endures, while uncovering the roots of complex problems, secondly carries-on to seek a solution, then finally is brave enough to present it to the world at large.

Aries Rising Physical Appearance

The question of outside appearance with rising signs is ambiguous, as other factors must come into play; such as genetics, and other parts of the charts interacting ([wiki]aspects[/wiki]) with the rising sign. A wider shaped head, along with visible scars are generally accepted, but stronger clues could be gleaned from the way this person dresses. Striking designs of clothing, newer fashions, original looking items as accessories, along with a walk of self assurance, is likely a more accurate and easier way to spot an Aries ascendant personality.

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