Astrological Houses – Ascendant -1st houses

Astrological Houses – Ascendant:

Interpreting the characteristics of the Ascendant in an Astrological Chart and what the 1st house represents.

People interested in astrology, can usually be heard asking others what their rising sign is. The rising sign or Ascendant is the astrological sign rising above the horizon at the time of birth. While your sun sign represents your individuality-what is inside, the rising sign is your personality, physical appearance and self-awareness. The 1st house is how a person presents themselves to the world.

The Birth Houses Explained

The twelve astrological houses of your chart are considered the areas or “where” energies operate. A house containing planets will have a different energy signature than one that is empty. Birth time is essential to calculate the houses positions within the zodiac.

The houses are divided into four sections each representing an aspect of life. The ascendant is part of the trinity of life and represents the “body”. The 1st house is considered angular, along with the fourth, seventh and tenth house. An angular house emphasizes activity in that part of your life. Aries is the natural ruler with Mars the natural planet. The theme of Aries is “I am” the underlying theme of the 1st house.

When the Sun sign and Ascendant are the same outward appearance/behavior are more in sync with the inner personality of the individual. When the two are in conflict with each other, such as a Cancer Sun and Aries ascendant energy vibrations contribute to a duality in who the person is and how they act. This can be especially true when the elements are not compatible. The passive, gentle nature of Cancer (Water) can be hidden behind the out-going, self-centeredness of an Aries (Fire).

Understanding How to Read a Chart

When the elements (Fire, Earth, Air & Water) are the same for the sun and ascendant, it can than emphasize those element characteristics. A Pisces (water) sun combined with Scorpio (water) ascendant can make it very difficult to know and understand this person. Both water signs have deeply hidden emotions.

When reading a chart, the 1st house is essential to understand how this person shows themselves to the world. In the case of the Pisces with Scorpio ascendant, unless there are aspects to contradict, I would expect the person to be below to average height, dark hair and very reserved in their manner towards others. They will be at either end of the extreme when it comes to sensual pleasures. But watch out because the flexibility of a Pisces sun may give way to the fixed sign of Scorpio resulting in the Piscean drawing the line in the sand and refusing to budge.

How a person views life can be seen in the 1st house. Are they positive or negative, pessimistic or optimistic? If there are any planets residing in the house with aspects to it, again the whole energy pattern changes. Aspects to the Ascendant itself can also change the interpretation.

The key to remember with the 1st house is the sign and planets located there, along with any aspects will show you the face that person presents to the world, their outlook on life and how they view the world.

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