Astrological Moon Sign can Explain Mothering Style- Cancer

The Moon’s sign combined with modes and elements describes a mother’s basic mothering style.

The building blocks of serious astrology are the planets, signs, aspects and houses. Although everything in a horoscope or birth chart is relevant, the sign the Moon was in at birth is a primary indicator of the kind of mother a person was born to, along with the Moon’s aspects and the Moon’s house position.

Other ways to look at any moon sign are their modes and elements. The modes are: cardinal, fixed, and mutable. Each sign expresses its quality blended one of the elements of fire, air, water, and earth.

Cardinal Moon Sign Mothers are Leaders and Initiators

The four cardinal signs are Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn, each leaders suited to its element. For example, an Aries Moon mother is often the initiator of projects, and a pioneer in some field requiring a lot of fiery enthusiasm, since Aries is a fire sign. She may be involved with fighting for the underdog in a good cause, often involving children, her own or others.

Cancer is a water sign, and Cancer Moon mother often fits the traditional mother role, being a caretaker and homemaker; her leadership is often seen in these areas. A very caring, sensitive mother, she rules and leads at home.

Libra Moon mother, on the other hand blends air with cardinality, and shows her leadership in the intellectual arena, or anything connected with the arts or relationships. She could be a trendsetter for fashion, or leader of a social reading club, teaching her children to appreciate these and to get involved in them.

Finally, Capricorn blends her cardinal mode with the earth element. Here’s a mother who expresses her leadership in a very concrete way often outside home in a career, and her children may feet that is very important to her, instead of home life. Another way for her to feel successful could be to marry someone with high status and wealth. She would encourage her children to always strive for their best.

Moon in Fixed Sign Mothers Can Accomplish by Staying the Course

The four fixed signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius in contrast with the cardinal signs are not as much initiators, as they are tenacious and usually reach their goals by sticking to it. On the other hand, it may be difficult for them to change their minds.

The fixed earth Taurus Moon mother is usually dependable, steady, and a good provider. Her connection to earth can be expressed in gardening, and for her waiting for the results of her planting is natural, and she can teach this to her kids. Another area where her tenacity can pay off is in handling finances, and patiently waiting for the return. Her kids feel that she’s a rock of strength.

The fixity of the fiery Leo usually takes quite a different form. This Moon sign mother takes the center role very naturally, expressing her fire by her generosity and warmth that her children bask in. With a sunny disposition, she can turn stubborn if she doesn’t get the attention she feels she deserves. Interested in theater and the stage, she often encourages her kids in these fields, and makes sure they are having fun.

Scorpio Moon mother blends her fixity with water, resulting in deep emotions, psychic insights and empathy. She may have difficulty with changing her mind about someone even in the face of contrary evidence due to her fixity. Usually her intuition guides her in her projects, and she is a mother whom her children feel knows instinctively what they’re up to, and they feel her deep support.

In contrast, the air mode Aquarian Moon mother is not so involved on the feeling, psychic level. She connects on the mental, intuitive plane that can be detached from emotions. Her children can be sure they have plenty of opportunity to explore the new, unknown ideas, and they feel it’s ok to express their individuality – just like their mother.

Mutable Sign Mothers are Versatile and Interested in Many Things

The mutable signs, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces blend their versatility with fire, air, water or earth, resulting in differing mothering styles.

The mutable air Gemini Moon mother, while more intellectual and social, is similar with the Sagittarius Moon mother because both share a wide range of interests, and the ability to switch focus easily. The fire in Sagittarius Moon mother makes her more physically active, and she often takes her children to outdoors for sports, or entertainment such as acting or singing. She encourages her offspring to higher study enthusiastically. Gemini Moon mother expresses her air element easily in conversations with her kids, and she can be a playmate to them.

Virgo Moon mother shares the versatility with the above mutable signs, but blending with earth, her mothering style often is more practical, organized, and disciplined. She can teach her kids about health, nutrition, and how to establish good daily routines. The Piscean Moon mother is tuned to the water element, expressing it by being sensitive to her kids needs, gentle and nourishing, while also having fun with them. She can also teach them about other, spiritual realms, and be intuitively aware of what’s going on with them.

Basic Moon Sign Meaning Has to be Blended with the Rest of the Chart

Looking at any one point of a horoscope or a birth chart alone is never enough to provide the full picture. While the Moon Sign blended with the mode and element does tell a lot of the kind of a mother a person has or had, it has to be combined with the rest of the chart, including the Moon’s aspects, house position, and everything else in the chart.


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