Astrology and the Bible-Question Answer

Astrology and the Bible

I recently interviewed Lori via e-mail about her views on astrology and the Bible. Here are some of my questions and her answers.

Q. What experience or education have you had in astrology?

I started studying astrology about 30 years ago and studied it for about 10 years, doing charts for family and friends with a major focus on studying earthquakes. I was about two lessons away from getting my license as a practicing astrologer when the Lord got my attention instead, and I became a Christian.

I was told that astrology was condemned in the Bible and thus, being a typical Moon in Cancer type (act now–repent at leisure), I burned all my books and research and never touched it again until this last February when I came back to it. However, I didn’t burn them because astrology didn’t work. I burned them because it did. I then spent the last 20 years studying Bible doctrine instead.

This has now given me the rare ability to see this issue from both sides of the fence. Most Christians condemn astrology without ever studying it and this makes it very easy to refute what they are saying.

Q. What led you to create a web site on this topic?

I have been a web designer and mailing list moderator/owner since about 1997. It was only natural to want to promote what I believe about astrology and the Bible on the web also.

But mostly I have this insatiable desire to correct distortions of scripture, i.e., I’m an apologist. I studied Bible doctrine for the last 20 years with a major focus on prophecy, the cults and heresies and eventually set up my Endtime Prophets site where I expose the teachings of false prophets. Now I can see how certain elements in Christianity have also distorted what the Bible says about astrology and I want to correct that as much as possible.

Q. Can you describe what readers will find on the site?

I have written several articles in response to the usual comments one hears from Christians about how scripture supposedly condemns astrology. In those articles I have attempted to show from scripture that God put the stars in their courses (orbits) Himself, and named *all* the stars . I have also shown that the Magi were astrologers, which means God chose astrologers to announce the birth of His son to the world. If astrology is truly condemned, as some Christians claim, then it appears God has some explaining to do. I have also explained what is behind the so-called condemnation verses regarding astrology.

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I am encouraging other astrologers to post their articles on Astro-Theology along the same lines. Currently Rollan McCleary is allowing me to post his articles on similar topics and believes he has discovered the chart for Pentecost (beginning of the Church) which I have online as well as other charts from Church history. I hope to soon have his chart for Christ which is currently unpublished. Chris Arendt has written a study on earthquakes and hopes to write more articles in the future.I would like to invite other astrologers to critique leaders in the church (historical and otherwise), and particularly false prophets–to show what makes them tick astrologically, and also to analyze events in Church history and in the current news as it relates to Bible prophecy, and other events of interest to Christians. And I would also like to see other critiques of articles that condemn astrology, not just from a Christian viewpoint, but scientific and other ways also.

Q. What do you feel is the main objection Christians have to the practice of astrology and how would you answer this objection?

I believe the most important objection is due to a misunderstanding of one verse, Isaiah 47:13, that “appears” to condemn all astrologers. However, in an article on Astro-theology I show that these astrologers were enemies of God to begin with and were not listening to God’s prophets who were predicting doom for Babylon. Instead, they were telling the King of Babylon what would tickle his ears, not necessarily what was in the stars. In fact scripture even indicates they were lying to the king.

If astrology is true, and I believe it is, then the stars would have clearly indicated Babylon’s downfall. Of course these astrologers couldn’t tell the king that because they would lose their heads. It was a catch 22–tell the truth and die, or tell a lie and placate the king. They chose the latter and it is for this reason they would burn in the fire. Not for being astrologers, but for being the enemy of God, and in fact even the enemy of the King. The whole point of that chapter in Isaiah, when read in context, is that nobody could save Babylon, not even the astrologers.

Also in the same article I show how chapter two of the book of Daniel shows that the prophet Daniel himself was trained in *all* the teachings of the Babylonians, including

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including astrology and was “chief” of the astrologers. Nebuchadnezar had requested that the astrologers in his court not only relay his dream but also interpret it, and when they refused he accused these astrologers of lying. Daniel, after interpreting Neb’s dream, requested that the astrologers not be executed for their failure. If God has condemned astrology and Daniel would have abhorred the practice of it, as some believe, then why did he go against God’s wishes and request that Neb let the astrologers live? Something doesn’t quite fit here.These are the only two places in scripture where the word “astrologer” is used (Kasdim in Hebrew) and both instances involved lying astrologers (some translations have inserted the word “astrologers” in the English text when it’s not in the Greek or Hebrew, however). And NO WHERE does scripture condemn all astrologers. The question is, if this practice is supposedly condemned in scripture, then why aren’t there more explicit verses that condemn the study of astrology itself? When God wants to make an important point he repeats himself over and over throughout scripture, and even Christians will acknowledge that one or two verses by themselves and taken out of context don’t mean much without other scriptural support.

Q. When you are asked what the Bible says about astrology, what pertinent scripture do you cite?

That God created the stars (Genesis 1:16); God himself named the stars, not man (Isaiah 40:25, Psalm 147:4); God placed the stars in their constellations/Zodiac (Job 38:31-33); and in their own courses/orbits (Jeremiah 31:35, Job 38:33); God told us to use the stars for signs and seasons (Genesis 1:14) and God set the Jewish festivals to occur on the Full or New Moons (Passover occurs on the first month of the year at the Full Moon–which just happens to be the sign Aries–with its symbol the Ram which is sacrificed on Passover (Exodus 12).

Q. What, if anything, do you think astrology could do to help Christianity in its main mission to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ?

For one thing, the Bible is the only source that predates historical mention of the names of the stars and they relay the Gospel message, even still to this day, and even though the names have been translated several times, and their meaning distorted via pagan myths, the symbolism still remains for most of these names/constellations–for instance, the constellation of Virgo of the Virgin holding a

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