Astrology and Your Health-Zodiac Sign And Your Health

Some swear by astrology, while others consider it a bogus science. Most people’s sun sign descriptions ring at least partly true; and, interestingly, many suffer from diseases or physical weaknesses that parallel their astrology. Read on for the health and wellness issues common to each of the twelve sun signs.

What is a Sun Sign?-Astrology and Your Health

Every person has a sun sign, moon sign, rising sign, and a sign representing the location of each of the planets at the time of birth. Each part of a person’s natal chart has some relevance and impact. The sun sign is very significant, and since it the easiest to figure out by date of birth alone, it is normally used in horoscopes and brief discussions, as here.

Health Issues by Sun Sign  -Astrology and Your Health

Because a person’s emotional and psychological disposition has an impact on health, it only makes sense that a system that can predict behavior and temperament can also describe our significant health challenges.

Note: What follows are generalizations, not guarantees. Many factors are involved in the process of health and disease and the following should not be taken as diagnosis or medical advice.

Does this sound like you?

Aries-Astrology and Your Health

  • rules the head: may be vulnerable to acne, headaches and congestion
  • good stamina, but need rest to avoid overworking themselves into burnout and exhaustion

Taurus-Astrology and Your Health

  • rules the voice, throat, and neck: coughs, colds, stiffness and sore throats are common, as well as problems with the thyroid gland
  • need moderate exercise and a healthy diet to balance their love of luxury and rich food

Gemini-Astrology and Your Health

  • rules the lungs and nerves: watch for respiratory troubles, nervous anxiety or depression
  • breathing, yoga, or meditation practice may be a valuable tool to calm high-strung temperament

Cancer-Astrology and Your Health

  • rules the chest and stomach: weight may fluctuate
  • susceptible to digestive problems of all kinds and sensitive skin, especially if stressed

LeoAstrology and Your Health

  • Leo rules the heart, spleen, and the spine, and Leos tend to have good health and longevity
  • may overexert themselves; weak points are the upper back and the area around the heart


  • rules the nervous system and the intestines: diet is important and especially affects the skin
  • tendency towards worry and self-criticism can turn into digestive symptoms of all kinds


  • rules the kidneys, lower back, and behind: there is some sensitivity toward lower back and kidney problems that may be helped by yoga or other exercises
  • dry or sensitive skin requires some care and a healthy, balanced diet


  • rules the sexual organs: sexual and emotional vulnerabilities are common
  • generally strong constitutions but need to watch for infections, skin breakouts, and stress-related problems


  • rules the hips, thighs and liver: weight gain and hip troubles are common, but otherwise they tend to enjoy good health and longevity
  • exercise is a must, and a liver-friendly diet low in toxins (or frequent liver cleansing) is a very good idea


  • governs the knees, bones, teeth and skin: susceptible to joint problems (such as osteoporosis or arthritis) and dry skin, but otherwise healthy and long-lived
  • need to learn to work, sleep, eat, and exercise regularly and in moderation


  • governs the blood, circulation, calves, shins and ankles: circulatory problems such as low blood pressure and hardened arteries are typical
  • advised to keep active and to plan and maintain a healthy diet



  • rules the feet and mucus membranes: colds, sinus trouble, and foot afflictions are common
  • sensitive sense of smell and low immunity

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