Astrology Compatibility in Relationships

When browsing the numerous ads on dating websites or in newspapers, one can notice that very often people point to their zodiac sign, and even express their preferences for one sign or another as a main characteristic of the person they would like to meet. Indeed, many people know that Pisces, for instance, get along well with Cancer, Aries with Gemini and in no case should Virgo communicate with Sagittarius. What is behind all this?

Reading Astrology Compatibility

A person’s birth horoscope is a complex matter, encrypted in astrological symbols and numbers. From this scheme, an astrologer can read a lot of information, including how a person will manifest in relationships (marital, sexual, business, friendship, etc.), his sexual potential and his habitual emotional reactions. Moreover, by looking at two people’s horoscopes side by side, an astrologer can judge on how people will interact with each other and in what areas this interaction will be in harmony.

When a person announces his zodiac sign, he has in mind the position of the sun in it. However, the sun is an important but not decisive factor in the horoscope. Undoubtedly, solar compatibility is important because it sets the overall tone of the relationship. This is especially true for so-called fixed signs of particularly stubbornness (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius). The relationships between these characters are very complex and a happy marriage between them is a rarity.

Planets and Astrology Compatibility

A very ancient astrological rule of thumb is that for defining marriage compatibility, it is necessary first to look at the sun in the horoscope of a woman on the moon in the horoscope of a man. If the relative positions of heavenly bodies are favorable, it is an indication of a successful marriage, and if it is bad, nothing good will come of this union. In marriage compatibility, the Moon will talk about the similarities or differences in emotional response to the same life situations.

For example, the Sagittarius Moon will meet with great enthusiasm the opportunity to go for a visit and have fun in a noisy group, while the Pisces Moon will have much more fun spending time at home watching television with a cup of good tea. The interposition of Mercury in the zodiac is important because it tells about how people can communicate with each other. When one partner is able to intelligibly convey his thoughts to the other person, then perhaps this alliance will not be very successful. A hostile aspect of Mercury in the maps of partners can lead to chronic difficulties in communication and even the lack of it. Especially important is the compatibility of Mercury in the case of business compatibility, since the understanding of business partners depends largely on the success or failure of their enterprise.

Another important factor to take into account in astrology compatibility is the position of Saturn. This represents the force that puts a person on his knees in front of life circumstances, if he is not strong enough to overcome them. As a rule, this influence affects the “personal planets” partners: Sun, Moon and planet-host horoscope (ascendant). Why is this happening? The fact is that, paradoxically, the harmful Saturn’s influence strengthens relationships. Saturn is very strong in the Venusian sign of partnership and marriage – Libra, a very complex character, which combines Venus’ need for pleasure and Saturn’s law. However, what is marriage, if not a legitimized by society way to get pleasure from sex relations? Saturn, even in a tight aspect ratio contributes to a much-needed element of security for many. Without this effect, perhaps, we could not talk about serious and long-term relationships.

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