Astrology compatibility

Even before stars and other heavenly bodies were discovered and named, pill men have looked upon the sky for answers, web be it a question about the weather, this site someone’s destiny, or the outcome of a war. Of course, love and relationship land on top of the list of inquiries, and such is not unexpected – man is a social being, and is by nature curious.

Synastry, also known as astrology compatibility, is the branch of astrology that deals with relationships between people by looking into their natal horoscopes or birth charts. It looks into how well relationships will be, whether it is bound to be successful or doomed to fail.

Astrology compatibility is an old science, and over the years it has been reinvented into different versions and undertaken with various approaches. Online love and relationship calculators are an example and are a more popular application of synastry.

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As noted, astrology compatibility between people is calculated by comparing their natal horoscopes. Natal horoscopes may exist as maps, charts, or illustrations that detail the exact location and behaviour of the planets with respect to the zodiac at the time of a person’s birth. Comparison between the horoscopes includes descriptions on how strongly people of certain signs, energies, and sectors are compatible with each other. These descriptions are written most of the time. Sometimes, they are assigned numbers.


When measuring astrology compatibility, the very first things to know are the exact time and date you and your partner were born. There are three important things in a person’s birth chart that show quite important details about a person’s personality. The first is the Sun sign which everyone probably knows by now. The Sun Sign gives the general description and is actually the basis of traditional horoscopes and the general nature of the twelve zodiac signs.

For a more in-depth assessment, look for the Ascendant, or the Rising Sign. The Rising Sign indicates a person’s most dominant traits, his tendency in given situations, and even his possible preferences when faced with choices. The last one is the Moon Sign. The Moon Sign reflects a person’s intuitive side and his emotions, moods, and temperaments. Highly detailed assessments include the angles of these three elements and their relation to the sectors.

You can read the descriptions of the compatibility between the charts, but the better and easier way to gauge astrology compatibility is to follow a certain scale.

Do not be surprised if you encounter several different chart scales – some range from 1 to 10, while others are just until 5, and some have both negative and positive values for assigned for the good and bad indicators. Pick one that includes the 3 elements mentioned and the specific angles for each.

Following your chart scale, take note of the elements and their values on your birth chart and your partner’s. For instance, “Sun conjunct descendant” has a value of 4 which means it is one of the strongest compatibility indicators, while “Moon square Saturn” has -4 and is obviously a red flag.

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