Battle Frustration-3 Antedotes of Wisdom to Battle Frustration

Battle Frustration: 3 Antedotes of Wisdom to Battle Frustration

If you are looking for definitive answers to life’s puzzling questions do not lead it off with the word why. One of life’s little tidbits of wisdom is you will never get a complete answer to all of life’s frustrating questions. And in finding this gem of wisdom it was discovered that a question beginning with the word why can never really be answered. If you are looking for definitive answers to puzzling questions of life do not lead it off with the word why.

One major rule in writing class or conducting an investigation is to remember that why questions are open ended, which in turn elicit open ended responses. Matters of either the heart or a matter of emotional pursuits are never satisfied when they are left open ended. Battle Frustration

Prompts Rehashing old Hurts

Past difficulties, doubts and hurt often feel as though they never seem to heal. Ones perception of the hurts felt from past experiences often keep us emotionally tied to the past never to move forward to new possibilities. Battle Frustration

  • Why was I passed over for that promotion?
  • Why did she/he dump me, I was good to them?
  • Why won’t he/she return my call, just once?

Perpetuates Self-defeating Images

One’s self image can be fragile if it depends on the views, values and perceptions of other people. The matter is made worse if one attempts to see into the perception of others and modify themselves to fit a view that will always be skewed toward the negative. Battle Frustration

  • Why can’t I look that good?
  • Why didn’t they call me?

Punishes the Victim

If you have ever been in a fight and became reluctant to stand your ground again then you know what it is to feel a powerless. One might experience situations in life that leave them powerless and a victim that recoils from future challenges. Frustration abounds in the individual who feels that they have no power over their life and victimized by circumstances beyond their control. Battle Frustration

In most cases one has circular thinking that repeats the pattern of being a victim. The victim feels they have no control and it is in the hands of someone else.

  • Why bother telling I deserved it?
  • Why doesn’t he/she leave me alone?

Three Antidotes for Resolving Frustration

The antidote to relieving the frustrations of life perpetuated by the unanswerable questions of why begins with the insight that there are no definitive answers to why people do what they do. The key is gaining wisdom which can be interpreted as insight which comes when we practice new ways of thinking and new ways of acting. Battle Frustration

A theologian, Rhinehold Neibur, wrote what is aptly named the Serenity Prayer. The insight in determining that one will never get all the answers of life brings about serenity. There is an old religious saying, if you are going to worry don’t pray and if you are going to pray don’t worry.

Accept Things I Cannot Change

Acceptance of the facts as they are presented is not an easy task for many people. Especially when that person is constantly inundating themselves with situations, circumstances and concerns that are out of their control. For example, rehashing old hurts, no matter what angle you look at them, will not change the outcome.An article by

A person can have a brighter internal disposition and a more pleasant outlook on the world if they focus on what lies ahead of them. The choice of focusing on a brighter future can aid one is accepting the fact that things in the past are finished.

Change Things I Can

Evidence that a person has a future to move onto is when they choose to change. Can they modify their thinking and approach life differently even though they meet similar situation as life goes on. Frustrations of life can be reduced as we recognize that similar situations do not have to call upon old reactions.

Change is imperative when one takes into account the advice given in the old adage, the definition of insanity is when you do the same things over and over again expecting the different results.

If one is tired of getting that same results from similar situations, i.e. choosing the same type of partner only to break up a short time later or being abused, then it’s time to change and try something new. Remember, the decision is yours and ultimately the choice is yours.

Wisdom to Know the Difference

Wisdom can be interpreted as having received insight from either personal experience or the collective experience of the community of man through the ages. The point to be raised is, “what have you learned about yourself that can provide insight into how you live now?”

The resulting answer can help direct you to choose what changes need to be made to have different outcomes for your decisions.

Frustration over life’s many challenges can come when the choices we make provide congruency between the person we think we are and the person we want to be.

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