Becoming Actively Divine

Becoming Actively Divine

There are stacks upon stacks of self-help books and DVDs, not to mention the endless line of gurus and average people alike, proclaiming to have found the key to divinity. Perhaps the majority of those who assert this claim are as hokey as the childhood song and dance (though they may not embody the subsequent pokiness). Yet, is it not possible that these people have tapped into a certain divinity?

Where Is Divinity Located?

The majority of people, if not all of them, who have purported to experience the divine, stand by the belief that divinity is within their own person. They may refer to this as intuition, innate knowledge or gut instinct. They may also choose to refer to this source as God, Love or Spirit (the latter two terms are found especially in New Age studies). Regardless of their terminology, most people, whether they acknowledge an external element, realize that there is something within them that connects them to a greater life force.

How Is Divinity Located?

The more pressing question may be how one comes into contact with that internal divinity. This is the part that becomes especially tricky. While those aforementioned self-help books and gurus can be helpful, they can also be a hindrance. The lives, experiences and words of others can serve as a guideline and as inspiration, but they are only a brief rest stop on the journey to the center of oneself.

Once a person has found the texts or ideas that resonate with them, they have won half the battle. Chances are that most of us have a variety of topics that we find interesting. Out of those various ideas, one or two may strike us with enough force that a deep passion is excited within us. These are the ideals that our focus should be drawn to.

Whether our passion turns into a career or we merely moonlight with our innate talent is irrelevant. What does matter is that we take an active stance against our own apathy. Using others’ experiences as a handrail, we can ascend our own stairway to divinity.

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Overcoming Passivity, Becoming Active

The initial step in any period of growth is awareness. One cannot more beyond passivity if they are unaware that they are wallowing in it. Locating the driving force behind one’s life is essential to fully living life. Stories of others’ successes can be both helpful and dangerous. They may either motivate a person or paralyze them, depending on the amount of time that is spent with the other’s story.

Remaining with a story too long is similar to overstaying one’s welcome at a friend’s house. The beginning of the visit is fresh and fun, but a guest who stays too long becomes tedious and irritating. Lingering in inspiration is necessary, as is listening to that inner whisper that says, “Okay, now it’s your turn to live.”

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