Bell Witch Cave: Americas Most Haunted Location

Bell Witch Cave: Americas Most Haunted Location

Located in a secluded area of Adams, Tennessee the Bell Witch Cave is considered to be one of the most haunted locations in the Untied States. Many books have been written on the paranormal activity that occurs at the Bell Witch Cave. Paranormal investigator teams have also been called in to investigate all the paranormal activity, and they have never been let down. Claims of strange noises, objects moving, seeing strange creatures and hearing screams have been reported over the years.

The History of Bell Witch Cave

In 1804 John Bell moved his family from[wiki]North Carolina[/wiki] to a 320 acre farm located in Robertson County Tennessee. Their farm was located along the gorgeous scenery of the Red River. The Bell family lived an active life in their church and community. The Bell family lived on the farm with no problems for 13 years before unexplained things began occurring.

In the late 1800’s the actual Bell family house was torn down due to hazardous conditions. People would come to the house in order to see first hand the spectacular paranormal events that were occurring. Once the building became unsafe, it was demolished to prevent anyone from getting hurt. The spirit still haunts the land to this day.

The Legend of Bell Witch Cave

Legend states that one day in 1817 John Bell noticed a horrific animal on his farm. The animal is described as having a dog body with the head of a rabbit. Terrified of what the creature was, Mr. Bell shot the animal and to his disbelief the animal vanished into thin air. Mr. Bell did not think anything about the incident again until strange occurrences began happening. Mr. Bell’s children would complain of hearing rats gnawing on their bed posts and knocking outside the house. When Mr. Bell would go outside to attempt to catch the culprit he would never be able to find a cause for the noises. Mr. Bell and his daughter Betsy seemed to be the focus of the activity. The spirit would attack Betsy and slap her until she had whelps all over her body.

The Bell family attempted to keep all the unexplained occurrences a secret until things began to get out of control. Terrified, Mr. Bell decided he needed to talk to his neighbor about the activity. The neighbors, Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, stayed at the house for two nights and could no longer bare the strange things happening. They persuaded Mr. Bell to let their secret out and to have people come in to investigate what was going on.

As people started to come around from all over, the spirit seemed to grow stronger. The spirit even began to develop a voice and would communicate with people. The spirit in the Bell Witch cave was named Kate, and it was determined that Kate’s mission was to kill Mr. Bell and to prevent his daughter from marrying a boy named Joshua Gardner. Kate accomplished killing Mr. Bell on December 20, 1820 when Mr. Bell died from an apparent poisoning. A year later Betsy called off her engagement to Joshua.

Kate has periodically visited the descendants of Mr. Bell every few years. It is believed that she comes and talks to them about things in the past, and what is currently happening. Kate has vowed to continue to haunt the Bell Witch Caves, and strange occurrences still continue to happen.


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