Bell Witch Cave in Tennessee Intrigues Paranormal Fans

Bell Witch Cave in Tennessee Intrigues Paranormal Fans

The South has more than its share of ghost stories. But believers say the story of the Bell Witch in Adams, Tennessee is anything but a fictional tale. Unlike some ghost stories, the tale of the Bell Witch is backed by eyewitness accounts and affidavits. In fact, schools in the Adams area even teach about it in their curriculum.

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Perhaps a visit to Adams, Tennessee could reveal the truth. Could you be the next to experience the chilling phenomenon in person?

Bell Haunting Begins

It all started in 1804, when farmer John Bell moved his family from North Carolina to Tennessee. The home must have seemed like a perfect place for a family. It set nestled beside the Red River and consisted of 320 rolling acres.

All was quiet, until the 13th year that the family lived on the land. Seemingly out of the blue, hair-raising experiences started taking place. According to the legend, Bell was in the corn field one day when he saw a very unusual animal indeed. The strange beast looked like it had the body of a dog and the head of a rabbit. Bell did what most Southern gentlemen would do; he fired several gunshots at the creature, only to watch it vanish.

That very night, family members reported hearing beating and rapping sounds on the outside of the house. When the noise was investigated, no cause could be found. The children reported hearing gnawing sounds on the wooden furniture and the sounds of chains being dragged. According to the story, family members also reported hearing sounds of someone gulping or choking for air.

Clearly the family lived in terror. They shared their paranormal experiences with friends and neighbors, who agreed to spend time in the home. The legend says that the visitors soon witnessed the strange events first-hand.

Spirit Speaks a Name

If that’s not creepy enough, the legend says the unseen spirit began to speak. Over time, the spirit came to be known as “Kate” as it allegedly uttered the name “Kate Batts” at one point.

Ironically, Kate Batts was a neighbor in which John Bell had unpleasant experiences with because he believed she was involved in the occult. Was it possible that Kate Batts sent the malevolent spirit to do her bidding? Many eyewitness accounts say the spirit of Kate knew many details of the past and the present.

John Bell died on December 20, 1820. Of course, Bell Witch believers maintain that Kate was somehow responsible.

Bell Witch Cave

As the story goes, Kate returned to the Bell family exactly seven years later. At the time she made many revelations to the son of John Bell, John Bell Jr. It was believed she would return to the farm 107 years later, which was 1935. Some think Kate did return and is still haunting the farm.

Today, there is still a cave on the farm where John Bell lived with his frightened family. Some people say the cave is a type of vortex in which the Bell Witch traveled between realms of earth and spirit. Tourists today, both skeptics and believers, travel to Adams, Tennessee to be near the Bell Witch Cave.


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