Cancer Rising Sign Personality and Traits

Ascendant Cancer the Crab’s Public Face

Cancer Rising Sign Personality
With Cancer on the ascendant, also commonly called the rising sign, clues about personality are revealed through eye movements, speech patterns and body language.

The majority of people have a private and public personalities, the character found at the core of an individual usually describes the sun sign. The rising sign however can be much different with the core personality one presents to the world- as it is presented as a cosmetic persona.

Time of birth is needed to determine the rising sign in astrology. Once the full birth date, including time and place are placed into a birth chart generator, the rising sign appears on the left side of the chart wheel, or in the text below the wheel.

Cancer Rising Personality

Also called the ascendant sign, some astrologers interpret this part of the chart as purely physical body appearance. However, others have noticed that the rising sign also appears to be a separate personality displayed as a public face. Usually somewhat superficial, but nevertheless a marked personality.

When a Cancer rising individual meets people for the first time a certain familiarity seems to emanate from him/her. There is a nurturing, caring attitude that is generally detected by others. With the Moon being ruler of emotions on the ascendant- this person finds it fulfilling to nourish emotionally that of friends, family and even strangers. Easily hurt by critical remarks, a Crab ascendant may remain quiet until self-composure is regained. One look will usually tell Cancer what another soul is feeling, tapping into others joy, worry or sadness is second nature to a person with the Moon on the rise. This sensitive rising sign has the potential to do well within nursing, counseling or other human health support fields.

Although a person born with this rising sign may at times seem moody to outsiders, the crab’s vast expression of imagination likely stems from these emotional fluctuations. Experiencing an ever-changing array of moods, Cancer tends to communicate these memories with a collage of expression.

Cancer the fourth of the Sun Signs, is the master of emotions. A sensitive soul, who has much more power then they’re often credited for.

Cancer Rising Traits

Protection of those who are close to Cancer rising is likely an important part of the crab’s life. Fearless if it means keeping loved ones safe from intruders, the normally amiable Moon ruled Cancer becomes a staunch defender of territory. Usually preferring to spend a good deal of time at home, or at someone else’s residence, having familiar surrounding helps this rising sign deal with frequent moods shifts. Stability generally helps as an anchor for Cancer’s emotional well-being.

Moon Ascendant Physical Appearance

Cancer rising may have a fuller figure, medium height, with either a rounded moon, or slender and long face shape. This person likely enjoys dressing with warmer colours, with a certain plush or softness to the material. Cancer rising wants to be seen as caring and interested in what others are saying and feeling. Readers may also be interested learning about Gemini Rising Sign


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