Cults – The Faith Healing Factor

Cults – The Faith Healing Factor

Rather late in my own quest for truth, I realized that all of the various belief systems which contain any merit-from my perspective-have constants; things that are accepted as spiritual reality, in some manner or degree, regardless of denomination or even deity. Obviously, all tenets of all religions exist to fill some need, whether real or simply perceived to be so. Many cults focus on one of these articles in an extreme manner; those people whose personal make-up is such that the need thus filled is an exceptional weakness become easy prey.

There are two kinds of people that suffer such an exceptional weakness to faith healing doctrines. They are: the sick and those who are exceptionally close to the sick, such as parents, etc.; and those who have a God complex-in other words, those who need to receive, and those who need to give. (Go ahead and be upset at me, but let me say this: I don’t think having a God complex is necessarily all bad. In fact, the way I see it, it’s necessary-to some extent-to accomplish anything, especially in whatever the ‘spiritual realm’ may be.)

Allow me to put this into simple terms for the radically stodgy Baptists out there. Every Christian believes in faith healing. Christianity believes Jesus healed the sick. Muslims believe Muhammad and Jesus were genuine prophets, which carries the same preconceptions. Jews believe God covenanted with them regarding their health. Most pagans believe nature is more than just what we see, and that healing is at least out there somewhere, if not a matter of following simple steps to obtain it. People into Zen believe healing is a result of balance. It’s safe to say that if you’re reading this column and consider yourself to have some sort of religious leaning, at some level your faith as an entity acknowledges an explanation for sickness and a means of countering it on a spiritual level.

So what’s the truth of it all? Don’t ask me. That’s not why I’m here. We’re here to discuss what is NOT the truth. Just about anything is possible. Some people can be healed by touching a rag that a preacher wore whilst preaching; some people can be healed by soaking in foreign hot springs; some people can be healed by having hands laid on them. But I’ve seen two constants in my search for the truth of supernaturally spawned physical well-being (and for the record, I’ve both needed it for a loved one as well as had the God complex), and I think they merit sharing.

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