Ethics in Astrology

Ethics in Astrology

For those seeking true guidance and understanding from Astrology, the internet can be a maze difficult to find your way through. There are many reputable astrologers, and those that are just seeking to reel you in for a quick profit. Do not despair; you can avoid the profit seekers by following several key points when searching.

Always remember astrology is not about how to win the lottery or evil forces holding you back. Avoid those that promise financial windfalls, instant fixes or cite evil forces are against you that require their services to eliminate. This is not what Natal or Transit Astrology is about but is why so many people believe Astrology is fake.

Natal Chart Reading is about Personality

A valid natal chart reading concentrates on your personality, strengths and weakness. It opens the window to understanding yourself. A good reading will be comprised of a cohesive, comprehensive view of all the components in a chart, not just a list of what signs and houses the planets are in.

Planets define WHAT is energies are operating, signs define HOW they operate and the houses define WHERE they operate. Aspects indicate the use and/or abuse of the energies between the planets. A natal chart shows natural inclinations of behavior, good or bad but bottom line is YOU have control of your behavior.

Combing all this information into a valid reading takes time and knowledge of the different pieces. There can be contradictions in a chart that require intense study to determine a person’s behavior traits. For example, a Sun sign in Pisces with a Rising sign in Taurus can modify a dreamy Piscean into a person grounded in practicality. However if Mercury is in Pisces square Jupiter this could lead to frivolous spending. Throw Saturn into an exalted position in Libra and again the mix changes.

Difference between Good and Bad Natal Chart Readings

A poor reading will give you a list of signs and houses the planets are in, then possibly highlight some of the aspects. The document will look like someone just pulled it out of a book. Reviewing the document can be very confusing for the client because of the potential for conflicting information. Mars in Capricorn is exalted, but place Mars in the 4th house square Uranus and a whole different energy is operating. The uninformed seeker of knowledge will not understand how to reconcile the contradictions in such a reading.

A good reading should include a copy of the natal chart, 1-3 pages of an over view of your personality, plus highlights of particular aspects or planet/house positions with high level of influence. A very experienced astrology could also note health tendencies, physical traits and karmic lessons.

Do your research before selecting an Astrologer. Search for Astrology scams associated and beware the astrologer promising to turn your life around, only you can do that with the tools a good reading provides you.

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