Evolutionary Astrology and the Human Condition

Evolutionary Astrology and the Human Condition

Methods for Soul Growth by Famous Astrologer Jeffrey Wolf Green

Soul Growth Through Grasping the Planets
Famous astrologer Jeffrey Wolf Green is credited with founding evolutionary astrology, a philosophy that examines soul growth and the human condition.

According to the precepts of evolutionary astrology, the soul is meant to learn, develop, and ideally evolve as it moves from one life to the next. This quest for evolution becomes the purpose of the human condition. Jeffrey Wolf Green first used the term evolutionary astrology in his writings and teachings about an individual’s potential for soul growth through the knowledge gained from examining their astrological natal chart.

Evolutionary Astrology and Soul Growth

Evolutionary astrology is based on the assumption of an ever-evolving soul, passing from one life to the next to learn specific lessons during the course of each life. It delves deeper than the science of traditional astrology, which focuses on predictions and guidance for future decisions.

Evolutionary astrology fully examining past lives and lessons of the soul to decipher the mission and purpose of the present life. This body of knowledge is a mechanism for reaching a deeper understanding of each individual’s personal journey.

Evolutionary astrologers have an in-depth knowledge of the energy and symbolism of each of the astrological planets, houses, zodiacs, aspects, and all other facets of the ancient language of the stars. With this knowledge, combined with an understanding of the evolutionary astrology method, they can guide an individual through the most fundamental questions of the human condition — “Why am I here?” “Why has this happened to me?” “Why are these people drawn to me?” or “What is my purpose?”

Ultimately, through this method, the individual will be able to experience some level of soul growth, to expand their awareness as they learn where they have been, why they are where they are, and where they can move on to from the present.

The Astrological Natal Chart in Evolutionary Astrology

The specific positioning of the planets at the moment of one’s birth is the astrological natal chart. This chart plays a central role in evolutionary astrology. It is the map of the journey that the soul has already taken to get to the present.

An evolutionary astrologer will use the natal chart to figure out where along the evolutionary path is the consciousness of an individual at the moment of their birth. It represents all the forces, desires, and challenges involved in an individuals past, present, and future for soul growth.

Works of Jeffrey Wolf Green and Other Resources for Evolutionary Astrology

Although evolutionary astrology is a relatively new concept, there are abundant resources to learn more about the subject. Jeffrey Wolf Green’s Pluto Volume I: The Evolutionary Journey of the Soul is one of the first works on evolutionary astrology. Jeffrey Green has written a follow up to this book, as well as works with famous astrologer Steven Forrest.

Also, the daughter of Jeffrey Green, Deva Green, has recently written a book meant to complement her father’s writings. The School of Evolutionary Astrology, run by Deva Green, offers DVD’s, CD’s and written transcripts on evolutionary astrology, as well as a correspondence course to become a certified evolutionary astrologer. The school provides many informative articles online for free as well.

In an interview with the famous astrologer, Maurice Fernandez, Jeffrey Wolf Green notes that, “Astrology is the symbolic language of God. We have to use it to see our existence as objectively as possible and to understand existence in general.” Jeffrey Green has provided a remarkable insight into the human condition, and a valuable tool for those seeking soul growth.

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