10 Reasons Children Should Participate in Family Worship Time

10 Reasons Children Should Participate in Family Worship Time

Family Worship time is an important part of a child’s upbringing. This article summarizes some reasons why.

How many of you have your children next to you as you sing, praise, pray, and enjoy the presence of the Lord? Or are your children dropped off in a fun and energetic kids program that will keep them out of your hair for the next couple of hours? I believe that both should happen. Children are an important part of every church, and should learn the importance of worship from the beginning. As the child’s parent you are their best teacher, so they should be learning this from you. After a set amount of time children should move off into an age appropriate encounter with God, positive older models, and friends that love them. I know these programs are fun and beneficial, because I run one. However, all the children in my program are involved in a family worship time for 30 minutes before our classes. Heres why . . .

Biblical Mandate

We have a biblical mandate to teach our children. The bible tells us to teach them when they lie down, when they rise up, when you are walking, and when you are still. Learning these things from an early age will help instill the things you want to instill as an undisputed fact, and you can face the challenges later. God has asked us to do this. Worship and prayer time is a key component to introducing your children to God.


Example is the best teaching. If you show your child you enjoy communing with God, they will too. They will also see the importance of it, because they see you doing it week after week, and day after day.

Easier Now Than Later

Teaching them now may make the road easier in the future. If they know that family worship time is a mandatory and enjoyable experience from the time they are young, when they become teens they will not fight you about going. If they do fight you, you have set an example showing the importance, and can use that to continue along the right path.

Shows God Honor

Family worship time shows honor and belief in God and His protection of you and your family. If you are united as one unit, under God, very little can come between you. In this modern world, there are many things that will try. What a wonderful thing to say that you and your family are prayerfully protected.

Personal Time For All Ages

Having a personal and intimate time with God prevents much sin. Children will be able to experience those intimate times (as they are ready, or need to do so) through music and prayer. They can address the sins in their lives just as we do. What a wonderful gift to instill as a child. How many of us that were brought before Christ later in life can say giving in is so easy?


Children love to imitate. They will imitate you whether you are doing something wrong, or whether you are doing something right. This is a chance to show them our human-ness and our dependence upon God.

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Invites God Home

Having a family worship time invites God into your home (where 2 or 3 are gathered in His name, He is there also.) Do we want God in our homes, in our hearts, in our children’s hearts? Of course. So we need to show that.

Who’s Most Important?

This family perspective can also keep parents centered on who is most important: God. The kids are important, but the more they are bought, the more they don’t care. The more you are wrapped up in them, the more they want, and the less they appreciate. Keeping God as your source and the children knowing that will help all to grow into maturity.

Practical Application

Brings religion home, making it more than just another thing to study. Practical application of the Word of God is going to be the best thing to make children remember it. God is not just a God on Sunday, but all the rest of the week, and everywhere you go.

Form Character

You will also be forming character and defining their future: train your child in the way they should go and when they are older they shall not turn from it. That is a biblical promise that I would like to keep. How about you?

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