Finding Gifts for a Virgo Woman

Finding Gifts for a Virgo Woman

A Virgo woman can be difficult to shop for – with her close attention to detail and tendency to judge things, how does one please a Virgo woman? The truth is, beneath the seemingly calm waters is the deep, private, and sometimes troubled Virgo personality, which will appreciate and even crave a thoughtful, sincere Virgo gift.

Fundamentals of the Female Virgo Personality

The Virgo woman appears cool and collected, grounded and earthy. Of all the signs of the zodiac, she is bestowed with the gift of clarity, the ability to step away from society and understand the world with an uncluttered mind. At the same time, the female Virgo personality can be incredibly meticulous and even driven towards perfection and small details. Fortunately, she also has the virtue of patience and a hardworking spirit to accommodate this Virgo personality trait.

Virgos also tend to desire the well-being of others or society as a whole, rather than their own. The sixth sign of the zodiac is one of the most altruistic and nurturing of all the zodiac signs. What then, are good gifts for a Virgo woman, for someone who prefers to work and give rather than relax and take?

Great Virgo Gift Ideas

As the Virgo woman is usually drawn to the earth, think in terms of the great outdoors. She will probably love gardening tools, plants and seeds which may take extra care and devotion to grow, and gardening gloves to keep her hands clean. Another Virgo gift idea would be a bird feeder – women of the sixth sign of the zodiac will love the peace and solitude of bird watching, as well as caring for birds and perhaps even a squirrel or two.

Clothes are a suitable gift for a Virgo woman, although look for items that she can work in, whether it be at her day job, or working outside, or around the house. Always purchase clothes that will be a little too big, rather than too tight, and muted, earthy colors, such as browns, beige, and blues; the Virgo woman is not interested in revealing anything, or in drawing attention to herself.

If buying a book for a Virgo woman, think of subjects she is already interested in and buy a nonfiction, informative piece; she will not be as interested in new ideas or counter-cultural concepts as she will be in her own comfortable opinions. Also, biographies make a great Virgo gift.

Organizers, personal planners, a new bookshelf, any sort of container or gadget that will help her tidy up things will be a pleasure to a Virgo woman. Also, because Virgos tend to worry about more than they need to, relaxing gifts work well for the Virgo woman; for example, anything scented with lavender, especially lavender soap to fulfill her desire for cleanliness. A crisp, new set of powder blue sheets, full with an organic lavender detergent might make a thoughtful gift idea for a Virgo woman.

Pleasing the Virgo Woman

When looking for something for the Virgo woman in your life, keep in mind that perhaps the best gift isn’t a material present at all. Those of the sixth sign of the zodiac are not overly concerned with material things. A hike in the woods, the fresh air, and clean, pure water may make a Virgo woman happy. Also, because of her desire to care for others, a donation in her name may be another thoughtful Virgo gift idea.

Whatever you choose, make sure it is neatly wrapped and given with a kind heart, and any Virgo woman is sure to be pleased.

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