Ghost Hunting A Paranormal Investigation

Ghost Hunting A Paranormal Investigation

Ghost Hunting, or Paranormal Investigation, is fast becoming a serious and targeted study. Ghost Hunters, from the amateur to the more serious professional, can equip themselves with modern scientific equipment able to identify and record paranormal activity. The data gathered by today’s Ghost Hunter can all be studied to help us gain a better understanding of ghosts.


The Ghost Hunters Toolkit

The Ghost Hunter’s tool kit is made up of some basic items and some more sophisticated items. Readings from any one piece of equipment can be misleading but when the whole kit is used in concert it can provide convincing evidence of Paranormal Activity.

  • Camera

A stills camera and/or a video camera can capture compelling evidence of Paranormal Activity. We are often more likely to believe our eyes than someone’s personal account of an event.


  • Sound recording equipment

Old style magnetic tape is perfectly suitable for the Ghost Hunter wishing to make sound recordings of Paranormal Activity although digital sound recordings can also be made. Both are easily available to the Ghost Hunter.


  • Thermometers

Paranormal Activity is very often associated with a lowering of the ambient temperature. This sometimes sudden drop in temperature can be discovered with a simple thermometer.


  • Motion Detector

These will detect motion of something when the investigator cannot remain present, or to investigate supernatural activity that may only occur when no one is present.


  • Electromagnetic Field Detector

These pieces of equipment detect the invisible electromagnet field that may indicate a supernatural presence. These can range in price from less than fifty dollars to a few hundred dollars.


  • Eyes and Ears

The Investigator’s eyes and ears and their own feeling for the presence of the paranormal will possible be the most vital of tools. Use the scientific equipment to record other physical changes, particularly when your senses are telling you something is occurring.


  • Note book

A notebook is essential for recording all observations and readings from equipment. It is important to record the time of these observations as by cross referencing the data a more complete account of the study period will be achieved and anything paranormal will be more easily recognised.


Starting out as a Ghost Hunter

There are a few essential qualities required by the serious Paranormal Investigator.


  • Dedication

It can take a long time to build a comprehensive picture of the activity of an area. There will be long moments where there seems to be nothing to study. Persevere, take your readings and record them. Over time trends will emerge and you will be able to discover where and when the activity is strongest allowing you to target your studies more accurately. The longer an area is studied the more chance there will be of discovering evidence of Paranormal Activity.


Popular television shows that follow such investigations will only do so for a limited time. They are more about entertainment than study. Little knowledge can realistically be gained in such a short time and with so many distractions.


  • Methodical

Be deliberate and conduct your studies in a methodical manner. Any detail, no matter how small, will all add to the evidence.


  • Courage

Everyone has some apprehension of the unknown but a Paranormal Investigator should not be overcome by fear or be deflected from their study.


Haunted Places

All areas have their own stories of ghosts and haunting. Stories are often the first record of haunted places and of paranormal activity. Over time many locals will have experienced Paranormal Activity and will have told others. The older a town or village the more likelihood there is that someone will have experienced some form of paranormal activity. These local ghost stories will point the new Ghost Hunter towards a nearby location where they can begin their investigations.

Safety: Important Note on Safety

Do not be afraid of the paranormal, but do take great care for your personal safety when studying paranormal activity. If, for example, your study location is at a road side you should wear high visibility clothing and do not forget your basic road sense. Do not become so immersed in your work that you forget about your ‘normal’ personal safety.

You may want to ask for permission to study in a public building but DO NOT enter into a private building.

Always let someone know where you intend to conduct your research and how long you intend to be.

Paranormal Investigations can be more fruitful, safer and more enjoyable if you work as part of a small team.


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