Gift Ideas for Fire Signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius

Gift Ideas for Fire Signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius

Choosing the right present can be time consuming, frustrating, even intimidating for some. However members of star signs can have characteristics, as outlined in Parker’s Astrology by Julia and Derek Parker, that provide clues to purchasing the ideal gift. If a partner, friend or family member is an Aries, Leo or Sagittarian, here are some ideas that may suit them well.

Gift Ideas for Aries

Spontaneous, fun loving and fearless, an Aries know how to party. Usually number one in the group, they like to be the fun as well as host the fun.

Contemplation and meditation are not on the agenda for the ram. “Why think when you can do?” is the motto for many born under the Aries sign. They crave excitement so how about a day training in a racing car for the speed king of the zodiac. Another idea could be expensive tickets for a top sporting occasion. A big crowd and competitive competition would light Aries’ fire nicely.

Good gifts for Aries can be a day behind the wheel of a fast car or a visit to high-energy sporting occasion.

When shopping for Aries, keep in mind their need for excitement.

Gift Ideas for Leo

Sometimes referred to as the Kings and Queens of the Zodiac. Leos love to have fun and experience joy in seeing others enjoying themselves as well. The typical Leo may need to be in the spotlight, but many will try to ensure that all attendees are enjoying the celebration.

Throwing a party may not be a traditional “gift,” but a lavish, colourful, hedonistic gathering can provide a Leo with a night to remember. An alternative could be a portrait sitting, so the Leo can come away with a framed picture to hang over their fireplace!

Good gifts for Leo include an extravagantly-themed party or fashionable clothes that will grab the attention.

When shopping for Leo, bear in mind that they love to be in the spotlight.

Gift Ideas for Sagittarius

Forever the optimist, Sagittarius welcomes the future with open arms. The typical Sagittarius attitude is “Yesterday is gone, so why worry?” They have a philosophy to live and love life fully, therefore, their social cupboard is seldom bare. A helicopter ride may appeal to this sign’s adventurous spirit and the typical active archer would warm to a hiking holiday in the mountains, although perhaps not around the time of their wintry birthday!

Good gifts for Sagittarius can be a flying trip over a favoured landscape or sporting lessons from a top trainer.

When shopping for Sagittarius keep in mind that they love to have their mind and body stimulated.

Gift Ideas For Fire Signs Aries, Leo And Sagittarius

The fire signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius may share some common ground but each has their own traits which can assist in the choice of that special gift. Aries loves to lead, Leo loves to party and Sagittarius loves the future so gifts recognising these characteristics have every chance of being greatly appreciated.

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