What do you do if you don’t know your time of birth?

Haven’t Got Your Time of Birth?

How can I find out what time I was born?

Many people panic when they realise that a professional astrologer needs an accurate time of birth to draw up a detailed and precise birth chart because they don’t have this information for various reasons.

The time of birth is important when looking at your detailed forecast because it affects the position of the Moon and the position of your ‘Houses’. It also affects the majority of the other bits and pieces of your chart but not as much as those first mentioned.

The most common reasons that people don’t have their time of birth include: parent’s don’t remember or have passed away; they were born at home and there is no written record; or the records have been destroyed through fire, flood, etc.

If you have not had any luck with getting your birth details through your parents or other family members then you could try sorting through your baby photos, albums or other memorabilia on the odd chance that a time of birth is recorded somewhere. In some countries, this detail can be found on the actual birth certificate.

Another option is to contact the hospital you were born in to find out whether they have access to files/records around the date of your birth. If that particular hospital has closed down since your birth, the records are usually transferred to another nearby hospital (in Australia anyway!).

Once you find out where the information has been stored, you can then go through the process of applying for a copy of the details of your birth. Usually you have to send in a letter stating what type of information you need, and some hospitals ask that you send in a small fee to cover the costs of searching for your (or most probably your mother’s) file/s.

If you go through this process you are likely to find your time of birth recorded on the material you receive. Unfortunately, in a small number of cases, sometimes the data has not been written down for one reason or another. This is where you go to the final stage in the process of finding out your time of birth.

At this stage you need to contact an astrologer who is experienced in rectifying a chart – this simply means that the astrologer works out your time of birth through using the dates of important events in your life. The type of information that is needed usually includes: birth; death; marriage; divorce; major health issues; travel; major relocation; legal conflict; and/or career changes. Usually the astrologer needs between 10 and 15 life events to calculate your time of birth.

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