How to Apply Makeup to Look Younger in Minutes

How to Apply Makeup to Look Younger in Minutes

One of the easiest ways to keep skin looking young and fresh is to use some simple makeup, hair and skincare tricks. Looking young with makeup is simple for women who know how to use it, and learning takes only a few minutes. Makeup is a great tool for women who want to hide the beginnings of wrinkles, cover an acne breakout or simply look their best for a night on the town.

Keep Skin Clean to Look Younger

Exfoliating face wash and soap products are advertised as being good for skin, but they can actually enhance the appearance of wrinkles and do some damage to the face. Scrubbing skin can dry it out and age it prematurely. Damage can begin in women as young as 20, especially with harsher face washing regimens.

Instead of scrubbing with harsh face wash and soap or exfoliating products, remove makeup with makeup removers and gently wash with warm water. Use an anti-aging moisturizer at least once a day to help keep the skin firm, healthy and looking young.

Coloring Hair to Look Younger

Although graying is upsetting to many women, going gray doesn’t have to be a negative thing. There are many ways to dye hair that keep it looking great, even if the gray is kept. One of the biggest problems with gray hair is not the color, but that gray hair lacks luster and shine.

As people age, their hair shows it through both graying and a lack of shine. Instead of dyeing hair dark, simply add bright highlights, such as light blond, and use a shampoo that adds shine to the hair. This can allow women to go gray naturally without feeling that they have to lose their style.

Alternatively, dyeing hair to avoid the appearance of grays can also be a solution to gray hair. Use a color that is slightly lighter than the natural color to help hide grays when they reappear. Dyeing hair at home can be done quite easily, although it’s often better to have a professional salon color grays.

Makeup Tips for Looking Younger

One of the biggest makeup traps for hiding wrinkles, especially around the eyes, is to simply use concealer. Concealer will get trapped in the wrinkles and can actually make them more noticeable as the day goes on, which is exactly what women want to avoid. Fortunately, it’s easy to use makeup to hide wrinkles.

Start with a concealer that reflects light; these are lighter, less likely to make wrinkles more noticeable and keep the skin looking fresh and young. Covering the skin with a fine powder can also help cover wrinkles, although compacts can simply enhance them by leaving the residue along the winkles.

Beauty Tips for Mascara

Focus on making the eyes look bright and youthful. Only use mascara on the upper lashes. Drawing attention to the upper portions of the eye makes the iris the focus, and helps the skin and face appear more youthful. Use eyeliner to highlight the upper lid of the eye, and enhance the eye with eye shadow for a night on the town.

Looking young isn’t as difficult as it might seem. A few tricks with makeup, hair and skin care can keep women feeling beautiful. Keep skin and hair looking great and feeling healthy by investing a little time in ensuring that they are healthy. Knowing what makeup tricks can keep skin looking young is a great tool for any woman.

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