How to Detect Paranormal Activity

How to Detect Paranormal Activity

When spirits want to manifest and make themselves visible or audible in the physical world, some believe that they need material that can be manipulated in order to show their presence.

Believers theorize that since they cannot be heard or seen by people, they search for sounds and sources of energy in the environment to shape their appearance and voice. Researchers can use Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC) techniques combined with electronic devices in order to establish a communication with the “other side” and to determine if a location is haunted.

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What is Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC)?

After a hundred years of the first studies regarding Electronic Voice Phenomena, methods of contact have improved.

ITC is a technique that enables the communication with spirits by providing the material spirits need to manifest in the physical world: sound that can be shaped by spirits to make sentences and light that’s manipulated in order to form images that can be recorded with a digital video camera and analyzed later.

How to Use an EMF Detector

The Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Detector is a tool that detects fluctuations in the electromagnetic fields of a place and helps to find energy sources. Paranormal activity is often associated with fluctuations of 2.0 to 7.0 milligauss, so anything higher than this may have a different source.

The best models come with an alarm that beeps every time there’s a fluctuation in the electromagnetic field. Since man-made AC electric and magnetic fields are very common and could interfere with readings of static fields, it’s better to choose an EMF detectors that comes with a device that ignores AC fields.

Steps to Conduct Paranormal Investigation

  • Scanning the area – It’s necessary to scan the area with the EMF detector before the beginning of the investigation to find out what the normal reading of the place is, normally around 2.0 milligauss. Any electric leakages must be detected before the investigation starts, so that investigators don’t confuse paranormal activity with a leakage. Once the readings are taken, the investigators must place the EMF detector in a flat place and observe the fluctuations.
  • Using an empty TV channel – It’s very useful to use a TV in investigations indoors. Some believe that empty TV channels can be a great outlet for manipulation by spirits, as they can use the photons of the channel to create images. The images created by spirits usually can’t be watched in real time, so it’s a good idea to record the empty channel with a digital video camera during the investigation so that later it’s possible to transfer the images to the computer and analyze the images using a video editing software. If there is paranormal activity, the images will be seen when they are frozen and divided into thirty frames per second. Some ITC researchers, such as the IPATI team (Institute of Instrumental Transcommunication Advanced Research ) have reported that this happens due to a difference in the timing between the physical world and the spiritual world.
  • Using a source of sound – Some believe that spirits need a source of energy to shape their appearance, they also need a source of sound to make sentences audible to the human ear. Using a CD with random phonemes like background noise can lead to great results but it’s important that the syllables don’t form any sentences so that when a full sentence appears in the recordings, investigators will know that it wasn’t previously recorded in the CD. So, it’s necessary to have a copy of the original CD in order to compare the background noise of both samples.
  • Combining evidences – Only a couple of sentences recorded don’t necessarily mean paranormal activity, as there can be other reasons behind some phenomena, but a couple of sentences recorded at the same time that the EMF Detector registers a fluctuation of electromagnetic field and at the same time that the video camera registers activity in empty TV channels, can be a good indication of haunting. It’s important that investigators write down the exact time that the EMF beeps in order to compare with the time of activity registered in the video and in voice records.
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