How To Win the Heart of an Aries Man

How To Win the Heart of an Aries Man

The Aries man is a combination of fearless leader and undisciplined child and one of the easiest zodiac signs to understand. He thrives on excitement and surprises and dislikes monotony and dullness. The Aries adores fun, taking on the dominant role in a relationship and is confident, spontaneous and independent.

How To Win His Heart

The Aries man enjoys taking the initiative and demonstrating his leadership abilities. He is attracted to a feminine woman who understands that he wears the pants and will allow him to take the lead. He also loves beautiful things and pays close attention to appearances. A woman hoping to win the heart of an Aries must be smart, attractive, witty and good conversationalist, as a superficial personality will not hold his interest if it is not supported by intellect.

Because the Aries loves a challenge and is constantly searching for something that he can’t have, playing hard to get is the best way to attract his attention. Wait for him to make the first move but don’t flirt with another man in front of him. The Aries is extremely possessive and jealous. He wants to be a woman’s first consideration and won’t tolerate being sidelined by anyone else.

The Aries enjoys flattery. A woman can keep a relationship with an Aries full of life by complimenting him, but only when he truly deserves it. Being too generous with praise will make him doubt her sincerity. The Aries dislikes feeling played and expects the people in his inner circle to remain honest at all times.

What To Avoid

Don’t expect security, sensitivity and consistency from an Aries. One day he may be the most passionate man you’ve ever known and the next day he’ll appear cold and indifferent. Striking back and hurting his feelings will only damage the relationship, if not end it altogether. Patience and a thorough understanding of his mood swings is the key to an enduring romance.

The Ram feels most comfortable when he is surrounded by feminine energy. Plan on spending plenty of time with his mothers, sisters, friends from school and even ex-girlfriends. Any woman romancing an Aries must leave her jealousy and insecurity outside the door and learn to tolerate that side of his personality.

Never act timid around an Aries. He has a natural inclination to dominate anyone who seems weak. Should he attempt to dominate a woman he is romancing, she should tease him by temporarily withholding the things he wants most and not be afraid to occasionally disagree with him. A woman who is not afraid of saying “no” and is willing to offer her own opinions will entice the Aries and encourage him to continue the chase.

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