How to Write a Horror Novel

How to Write a Horror Novel

When looking up information on how best to write a horror novel, the aspiring author should focus on fitting his/her work within the accepted guidelines of the genre, and researching the best horror novel writing tips. There are no specific rules to be followed within the genre, but there are established conventions which govern the novel’s flow and popularity. You should allow yourself to be creative while still making sure that your novel follows a path that will make it fit well in the genre.

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Guidelines for Writing a Horror Novel

These guidelines – horror novel writing tips – follow the storyline of the writings, and how it is developed to include the aspects of fear, horror, the inexplicable, and other suspenseful situations, in the lives of the characters. What your characters see, experience, and live (or die) through is what will make your horror novel unique in the world of the horror genre.

These horror novel writing tips, along with generally accepted novel writing and grammatical rules, should not be disregarded when learning how to write a horror novel. These guidelines become less restrictive after an author has become established as a popular and proficient horror fiction writer and has developed a known voice in that genre from acclaimed experience writing a novel in the horror genre.

Fear in the Horror Novel

The presence of the element of fear is the central point for any work in writing a novel in the horror genre, followed by the other main elements, which include accounting for inexplicable happenings and other suspenseful situations as they relate to and impact the lives of the characters as the plot unfolds.

Fear is the pinnacle of the development of theme and plot in the novel. Fear, as perceived and experienced by the protagonist, should be the central and main element of the story; all action portrayed by the author when writing a novel should emanate from that initial fear. The fear should not be capable of rational explanation from any source, but should have a supernatural connection which takes on the feeling of evil as the story continues.

Resolution of the Horror Novel

When learning how to write a horror novel, the author must look ahead as to how to resolve the lurking evil, how it will remain tangled with the well-being of the characters, and what will ultimately eradicate it from the lives of the characters. At the resolution of the conflict in the novel, the novel must regroup to enable the remaining characters to be free of the evil at the culmination of the action.

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