Ideal Jobs for a Taurus – Job and career ideas for Taurus

Ideal Jobs for a Taurus

Taurus people could ideally work in places that match their honest personality. Taurus may have trouble working in areas like sales or diplomacy, which require a lot of dishonest moves and deceitful tricks. This does not mean there are no Taurus working in those areas, it only means that in such areas their beliefs are in contrast with their client’s and colleagues’ beliefs.

People born under the sign Taurus often dislike change, and may also have difficulties with organizations and companies that require people to move a lot nationally or internationally. Those born under this sign like traveling. It’s just that they have a careful and methodical approach to everything involving sudden change, and need to be informed about changes in advance.

As Taurus often like things to be well organized, any job that requires discipline could be an excellent choice for them. From law enforcement agents to the military, those born under this sign could be happy working at any organization that keeps a clear record of what it does and that has clear guidelines on how workers should behave.

Perfect Jobs for Taurus-Ideal Jobs for a Taurus

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Along with other earth signs, Taurus are often known for their diligence and hard work. They are usually the first ones to arrive to their workplace and the last ones to leave. Colleagues may be jealous of their ability to concentrate during extended periods of time on tasks and to make sure they finish all tasks before they leave.

Excellent jobs that require extended periods of concentration and serious efforts could include administration, scientific research, or working for an airline company as pilots. Computer engineering and computer programming can also be excellent choices for natives of this sign, as well as any job related to banks.

Naturally, many people born under the sign Taurus are members of elite police or military forces as they can enjoy the discipline and consistent work that such jobs require. Some may not appreciate working with insincere members in such fields and may quit because of all the hypocrisy they may find.

Good Careers for Taurus-Ideal Jobs for a Taurus

People born under this sign of the zodiac are honest people who often know how to say the truth with a lot of tact, thus avoid hurting other people. They may excel at jobs that should report bad news to people.

Journalism could be an excellent choice for those born under the sign Taurus as they can often handle the art of writing quite well. Market analysis and consultancy can also be great choices for Taurus people will often know how to tell the truth to their clients and will usually do everything so that their clients make the most out of the deal.

The medical profession is also a good choice for Taurus people as they will often be quite good when it comes to talking to patients, making them feel better, and sometimes, announcing devastating news. Taurus people will know how to cheer up their patients and how to make their patients believe that they should never lose hope.

Other Good Jobs for Taurus

Jobs that require repeating the same tasks over and over may bore a lot of people to death, but those born under the sign Taurus can often handle them quite well. Whether it is working in bureaucracies or administrations, or any job that requires keeping records or archives, people born under the sign Taurus could feel comfortable handling such jobs.

Thus careers as professional athletes, coaches or teachers can be a good choice for people born under the sign Taurus. They will usually know how to encourage themselves and their students, while still making sure that nothing which is part of the routine is lost.

Either way, Taurus often will choose jobs where they can lead their activities honestly and will try not to hurt anyone in the process. They usually read company regulations very carefully and try to apply them strictly. If they find out that anyone within the company has been acting in some dishonest way towards them, they may use company regulations to defend themselves, which some may find awkward.

For Taurus people who may love routine, stability can be an important factor in choosing a job. Taurus may analyze company records to see whether the company has been consistent in the past years, to see if they have a future within the company.

List of jobs that could be good for Taurus

  • Administration
  • Scientific research
  • Aviation
  • Computer engineering
  • Computer programing
  • Journalism
  • Market analysis
  • Consultancy
  • Medical professions
  • Athletes
  • Coaches
  • Teachers
  • Archiving

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