Leatherman Charge AL Multi Tool

Leatherman Charge AL Multi Tool

Anyone venturing out on the trail this summer needs a few essentials in their backpack including Leatherman’s Charge AL.

Many multi-purpose tools exist on the market ranging from cheap disposable knives to the action packed honker stuffed with too many gadgets – things that you don’t really need.

However, Leatherman’s Charge AL, packs all the essentials you’ll need whether you plan to backpack through a national park, wildlife camp in the Canadian Rocky Mountains or assemble that new coffee table from everybody’s favorite Swedish furniture store.

Leatherman infuses style with function in their tools yet keep them small enough to slide into the glove compartment for your road trip or your pack for your backpacking adventure. From the perfect design to the locking blades, this is one tough tool. The saw rips through most woods with ease – perfect for cutting branches to make firewood or a lean-to.

One Tough Tool

The impressive stainless steel pocket knife slashes through rope like butter and retains its sharpness no matter what you cut. In many cases, one quick slice and the job’s done – impressive.

Both the saw and knife located on the handle’s exterior open through convenient thumbholes that flip open with just one hand – perfect for those jobs that require both hands simultaneously.

Tucked securely on the inside of the metal body, the inner compartments impress just as much as the knives. The bottle opener won’t leave you stranded at the campfire and the scissors shear through all types of materials from tent canvas to plastics. These small but shameless babies clip through things that leave other knives dull and dented like last year’s scrap pile.

Multi Purpose Multi Tool

But the Leatherman Charge Al not only fulfills out on the trail, its uses are endless in daily life. The awesome pliers and wire cutters come in handy for small jobs around the house or while out biking to tighten bolts or your bicycle lock rope, if you forget your keys.

Not only does this multi-tool come equipped with pliers, the interchangeable screwdriver heads, part of the complete package, save you hours of fumbling through a toolbox trying to find the right sized driver.

For those frustrated few who wear loose glasses, the Charge AL comes pre-loaded with a glasses screwdriver. Perfect for tightening loose screws so you don’t miss a beat.

The only thing that would make this mulit tool better would be the inclusion of a bottle opener – so you could enjoy a bottle of wine on the trail.

With a Leatherman strapped to your belt, you can say goodbye to all other pocket knives. Now you’re ready to trek the entire Rocky Mountain range or any other outdoor activity without carrying your entire tool collection in your pack.

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