Leo Themes Astrology and Mythology


July 24 – August 23

Leo Themes Astrology and Mythology

Following on from the mothering Cancer sign, we move on to Leo – a sign associated with the father. This is a fixed, fire sign – that suggests it is an energy which stays the same and is passionately emotional. The fixed, fire influence also suggests that this is an energetic, outgoing, stubborn and stable energy. It is an extraverted sign too because of the fire influence. While Cancer is the sign associated with motherhood, Leo is associated with parenthood and children.

In the Leo part of the developmental cycle, we have reached the stage where the ego of the individual has become strong and complete. The needs at this stage are quite basic, being personal recognition. If this need is met then the Leo influence can be positive and admirable with great powers to attract others to them.

Where Cancer is concerned about where we belong, for example with a family, tribe or clan, Leo defines what makes us stand out from our place of belonging and makes us special.

Personal pride in the ability to be creative is the strong theme for Leo, with arrogance being the most common negative attribute. Like Aries, the first Fire sign, Leo is characterized by energetic behaviour, spontaneity, optimism. Leo is much more a stubborn, persistent influence than Aries because of the ‘fixed’ influence. Where Aries was very much unaware of others, Leo is aware of others from the point of view that it genuinely needs others to recognize, support and follow the excellent leadership and organizing qualities it possesses. Integrity, honesty, reliability are strong with Leo. Where Taurus, the first fixed sign, hangs onto physical, tangible things – Leo holds on to their strong feelings.

The symbol for Leo looks a bit like the lion’s mane, and symbolically this king of the beasts with its power, its roar, its regal bearing, is identified with the Leo type.

Physically Leo is associated with the back generally, cardiac trouble, spinal afflictions. Through meeting different Leos over the years highlights and reinforces the lion’s rulership over the heart – both physically and emotionally

Leo in Mythology

As I mentioned earlier Leo is a sign that I associate with masculine energy, and the father. It is not surprising then to find out that the father features in some of the myths associated with the lion. We will examine this shortly.

According to Alan Oken, the ancient world abounds in testimony to the sanctity of the feline. Many temples in ancient Egypt were decorated with lions’ bristles as tokens of reverence. Leo also had its place in the East where the Lion is an emblem of spiritual power and wisdom in Buddhism.

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