Most beautiful places in koh samui, Thailand (Ko Samui)

Most beautiful places in koh samui: A Quiet Resort on Ko Samui, Thailand:

Located on Ko Samui’s northern Maenam Beach, the Coco Palm Resort is located far from the glitzy tourist traps one may find on the southern and eastern beaches of Ko Samui. The distance from the typical tourist attractions make the Coco Palm on Ko Samui island an ideal place for weary travelers looking to relax, or simply for those looking for a place to disconnect, unwind, and relax. (Don’t worry though, for travelers hoping to keep in touch with civilization or relatives on the other side of the Pacific, there’s an Internet cafe within walking distance of the private beach front bungalows.) Most beautiful places in koh samui

Coco Palm’s Crystal Clear Water

As advertised, the Coco Palm rests on a 6km beach front with crystal clear water. The water temperature in April was what one might expect of the beach at a tropical Thailand resort and the views were spectacular. However, there was a steep drop-off several feet into the water, but venturing further out the water again became more shallow.

The beach front at the Coco Palm Resort is perfect for sunbathing, relaxing, and swimming. The gentle rolling waves on North Maenam Beach did not look appropriate for surfing. Most beautiful places in koh samui

Coco Palm’s Quiet Relaxing Atmosphere-Most beautiful places in koh samui

The Coco Palm Resort’s location on North Maenam Beach provides a quiet oasis during the day. Situated far back from the main road circling the island, the Coco Palm’s location minimizes the noise of passing motorbikes and vehicles, making traffic seem like a distant memory.

The private bungalows ensure privacy and provide more space than many more expensive beach front resorts in Thailand. Even the least expensive, standard bungalows at the Coco Palm Resort on Ko Samui have bathrooms larger than some Thai hostel rooms.

However, it is important to know that on weekend evenings the noise level is increased dramatically due to a nearby bar or restaurant. The pulsating sounds of a Thai dance party, complete with Thai karaoke, infiltrated the serene spaces and could even be heard above the television inside the private bungalows. The neighboring bar or restaurant doesn’t stay open very late and after a day in the sun at the Coco Palm it is easy to drift off to sleep under the mosquito net even with the ambient sound.

Coco Palm’s Friendly Employees

All the employees at the Coco Palm Resort are incredibly helpful and friendly. The front desk staff gladly provided maps as well as directions for walking to nearby amenities situated on and near Maenam Beach.

Coco Palm’s Restaurant-Most beautiful places in koh samui

The waiters and waitress at the Coco Palm’s restaurant were more than happy to customize menu items and provide suggestions if what listed on the limited menu wasn’t pleasing. They were also kind enough to provide recommendations for dining at other area establishments, such as the excellent German deli and sandwich shop located directly across from the entrance for the Coco Palm Resort.

The buffet breakfast, as well as the smoothies, at the Coco Palm’s poolside open-air restuarant are more expensive than the same or comparable items in Bangkok or Krabi, however the convenience of walking fifteen feet from the pool to lunch is worth every baht. Most beautiful places in koh samui

Coco Palm’s buffet breakfast offered traditional Continental breakfast items such as pancakes and sausages, bringing a delicious reminder of home for road weary travelers. More traditional Thai breakfast items such as fruit, rice, and hot cereal were also available.

Coco Palm’s Private Bungalows

Ko Samui’s Coco Palm Resort is unique in that it only offers private bungalows and villas. Even the most affordable standard bungalows have private bathrooms with Western style toilets, satellite television, and air conditioning.

Overall the Coco Palm Resort on North Maenam Beach on Thailand’s tropical Ko Samui island is worth staying at for several nights. It offers amenities that, if available at other Thai tropical resorts, are offered at a premium price. The affordable price, combined with its gorgeous secluded location make the Coco Palm Resort an ideal price for travelers looking for an escape from the tourist traps and neon lights. Even with the nightclub next door on the weekends, North Maenam Beach is a peaceful place and the Coco Palm Resort works hard to maintain its quiet relaxing atmosphere.

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