Numerology and Your Birthdate

Numerology and Your Birthdate:

How to Find Your Life Path Number and Psychic Number

Numerology was originally used by the early Greeks and Hebrews to divine the future.

Numerology is based on the assumption that all persons and things have a numerical equivalent that provides insight into the meaning of one’s life.

By knowing the numerological value of your birthdate, you can find your life path number and psychic number. Numerologist Florence Campbell in her book Your Days Are Numbered states that choosing to follow the profile as expressed by your life path number provides you with the richest opportunities for your future.

An individual’s psychic number signifies the inherent personality traits that an individual possesses from birth. The life path number (sometimes referred to as the destiny number) indicates the traits that the individual should adopt in order to reach his or her full potential.

The numbers used in numerology to indicate one’s psychic and life path numbers run from 1 to 9, with the exception of the numbers 11 and 22, which are master numbers. When calculating your psychic or life path number, all numbers must be reduced to single digits, for example to number 9 or less (except the master numbers 11 or 22).

Finding Your Psychic Number-Numerology

To calculate your psychic number, add the digit(s) of the day on which you were born.

Let’s use Madonna’s birthdate as an example, which is August 16, 1958. Adding the 1 and 6 of her birthday gives Madonna a psychic number of 7.

Finding Your Life Path Number-Numerology

To calculate your life path number, add the digits of your day, month and year of birth, and reduce it to the number 9 or less (unless your birthdate adds up to 11 or 22, which are master numbers). Again, using Madonna’s birthdate of August 16, 1958:

August is the 8th month of the year, so its numerical equivalent is 8. Therefore, add: 8 + 1 + 6 + 1 + 9 + 5 + 8 = 38. Reduce the number 38 by adding 3 + 8 which results in a life path number for Madonna of 11, a master number.

Compatibility of Life Path Numbers and Psychic Numbers-Numerology

There are no preferable psychic or life path numbers in numerology.

Similar to astrological signs, each number profile contains an equal combination of strengths and weaknesses. And just like sun signs, some numbers harmonize better with others.

For example, the numbers in the following sets complement each other well:

  • 1, 5 and 7
  • 2, 4 and 8
  • 3, 6 and 9

To determine the compatibility of two individuals, comparisons should be made between the same type of number e.g. psychic number to psychic number and life path number to life path number.

For instance, an individual with a psychic number of 5 and a life path number of 8 would find a soul mate in an individual with a psychic number of 1 and a life path number of 2, as both sets of numbers (psychic and life path) complement each other.

Characteristics of Life Path Numbers and Psychic Numbers-Numerology

Below are the traits for all of the 9 numbers and the master numbers of 11 and 22. They may be read as personality profiles for either the psychic number or the life path number:

  • 1’s: Original, independent, initiator, driven, natural leader, influential, self-centered, bossy, attention seeking, boastful, critical, reluctant to seek help.
  • 2’s: Mediator, seeks harmony, works better in groups, co-operative, peace loving, gentle, sentimental, kind-hearted, tactful, passive, over-sensitive, dependent.
  • 3’s: Witty, charming, good conversationalist, sociable, hardworking, friendly, creative, expressive, impatient, extravagant, proud, self-indulgent, critical of others, short tempered, jealous.
  • 4’s: Hard worker, trustworthy, practical, down-to-earth, good planner, loyal dependable, patient, tenacious, doubting, stubborn, rebellious, spendthrift, quickly changing nature.
  • 5’s: Intuitive, mentally quick, adaptable, progressive, good communicator, restless, scattered approach, doesn’t complete projects, manipulative, self-indulgent, irresponsible.
  • 6’s: Home and community oriented, caring, helpful, responsible, open, honest, luxury-loving, over-expansive, self-righteous, critical of others, overwhelmed by responsibilities, indulgent.
  • 7’s: Intellectual, analytical, intuitive, reserved, natural inclination towards spiritual subjects, aloof, loner, pessimistic, secretive, insecure.
  • 8’s: Executive ability, tenacious, determined, ambitious, high endurance, succeeds under great duress, overly materialistic, solitary, humourless, greedy, lawbreaker, miserly.
  • 9’s: Generous, leader, humanitarian, honest, romantic, understanding, literary qualities, emotional, aggressive, arrogant, complaining, quarrelsome, judgmental, revengeful.
  • 11’s: Spiritually aware, great understanding of others, intuitive, inventive, deep thinker, visionary, idealistic, cultured, dreamer, indecisive, impractical, nervous, moody, rigid moral code.
  • 22’s: Most powerful of all the numbers, great spiritual understanding, ability to apply knowledge in a practical way, ability to achieve enormous success, determined, dictatorial, insensitive, overbearing.
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