Paranormal Phenomena Research

Paranormal Phenomena Research

Since Friedrich Jürgenson recorded voices from the dead sixty years ago, EVP investigators have been trying to contact the other side using voice recorders and radio as a background noise, but this method leaves room to many dubious interpretations since most of the times it’s not possible to distinguish whether the voices come from spirits or from the radio station. This is why EVP investigations are easily debunked by skeptics. However, Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC) techniques can help investigators detect paranormal activity with no radio interference and make results more reliable. Paranormal

EVP Investigations and Ghost Boxes-Paranormal Phenomena

Recording voices from spirits is no easy task since spirits are not naturally audible to the human ear. The main premise behind the EVP recording is that spirits can make themselves audible to the physical world by using a source of sound available in the environment – music, TV, radio and other noises. Spirits would be able to manipulate such sounds in order to shape words, sometimes full sentences. So, EVP investigators have been using radio as a source of sound to be manipulated by spirits in order to obtain contacts from them.

The words and sentences from spirits that appear in the recordings are a result of manipulation of the white noise provided by the radio station. Although some of the contacts received may contain a direct answer for a question — something that makes the recording believable enough to investigators — it’s still not a reliable way to analyze voices from the other side because of the following reasons:Paranormal Phenomena

  • Radio interference – The ghost box is an electronic device used by EVP investigators that is made with a sweeping AM or FM turner which produces audio bits and white noise. Using ghost boxes makes it impossible to figure whether the messages recorded are voices from spirits or are a result of audio bits from the radio accidentally producing an intelligible sentence or capturing messages from communicators in other geographic locations.Paranormal
  • Projection of the investigators – Most of sentences recorded through ghost boxes aren’t understandable at first, sometimes it’s necessary to listen many times to the same recordings in order to find a sentence that makes some sense. If a layperson can’t understand the same sentence that the investigator is understanding, this is an indication that the investigator might be projecting his or her wish to validate the communication into audio bits that don’t mean anything.Paranormal Phenomena

How to Use Background Noise in Paranormal Investigation

ITC techniques have evolved and it’s possible to use background noise without radio interference. The best way to produce background noise that is more reliable than the ghost boxes is using a CD (or mp3 files) containing random phonemes previously recorded. For example: Cau Ro Val Whe Bo Na Fer Mis Sum Ma Es, etc.”

It’s important that the phonemes don’t mean anything when put together, so that investigators know that the messages weren’t previously recorded in the CD. There must be at least a hundred and fifty different phonemes recorded and repeated for at least twenty minutes of recording in order to have good material to be shaped into sentences by spirits. When investigators listen to the CD without spiritual communication, this is what will be heard: “caurovalwhebonafermissummaes….” and once the communication starts, these phonemes are transformed by spirits into superimposed sentences, they become: “Hel lo, I am he re an d I ca n hea ryou” or whatever sentence they want to make. If the copy of the same CD (the original one without the spiritual message) is used for all communications and, still, every message has a different content, it means that there’s no way that the sentences were previously recorded.Paranormal Phenomena

Once the messages are recorded, it may be a good idea to ask a few people that are unrelated to the investigation to hear the recordings and tell what they think the sentences mean. If most of them understand the same thing without having to listen twice, this indicates that there’s a good possibility that the messages are real. Combining EVP recordings with other devices such as EMF Detectors is essential to a good investigation. Click here to find out how.

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