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By Mike

Real Teens Real Stories Real Life

By the time you read this, I’ll probably be an uncle – and it’s scaring me to death. I don’t understand how my older brother could do this to me. Did it ever cross his mind that maybe I’m not ready to be an uncle? And what if I’m not qualified for the job?I mean, I’m little more than a child myself. I’m not sure I’m ready to care for a houseplant, let alone play uncle to a real, live human being. Real Teens Real Stories Real Life

And let us not forget the last time someone entrusted me to hold their child. Have you ever wondered why people always describe babies as bouncing? I don’t, not anymore (sorry Emma).And if you ask me, my older brother has got it easy. He gets to be my new nephew’s father. He’ll see him every day.

It’s virtually guaranteed they’ll hit it off. I, on the other hand, live over 500 miles away and will only get to see him every couple months. Trust me, I’ve tried the long distance relationship thing – it just doesn’t work (sorry Margaret).On top of all this, my two younger brothers are also uncles-to-be. Real Teens Real Stories Real Life

So what if my nephew likes them better? I’m not sure I can handle that type of open competition. They both have Playstation 5. The best I’ve got is a Super Nintendo, and the controller’s buttons stick because I spilled cola on them, like, six years ago.But then again, in this war to win my new nephew’s favour, I guess I do have one secret weapon – my name. This newest member of my family, Tyler Michael, is to be named after me.Surely, this will score me a few points in the best uncle category.

But the name thing will only carry me so far; I’ve got some serious work to do. I have to plan out exactly what type of uncle I will be.I could always be the spoiler. You know that one. At Christmas time, he buys the kid presents that make his parent’s gifts look like tube socks in comparison. Real Teens Real Stories Real Life

But then again, journalists aren’t really known for pulling in the big bucks, so maybe this one’s not for me.I guess I could be the reckless uncle. This popular breed of uncle is easy to spot. He is distinguished by his tendency to swing young children around in circles by their arms, simultaneously delighting the child and horrifying their parents.

But, being that I am a convicted baby-dropper, maybe this one’s not for me either.I guess in the end I’ll just have to be myself, put my best foot forward, offer the tyke my firmest handshake and a polite, “Hello Tyler Michael. I’m your uncle Mike. It’s nice to finally meet you.“Oh, and before I forget, happy birthday.”
Mike, 23, has racked up five months of experience on the uncle job now, and even though the boy is just a few months old, Mike can tell that he’s clearly the kid’s favourite. Real Teens Real Stories Real Life

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