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Protein Vegetarian Diet – Online Resources for Protein Vegetarian Diet Meal Plans

A high protein vegetarian diet that is nutritionally sound can do much to promote weight loss, prevent heart disease and diabetes and boost day to day energy levels.

Just what constitutes sound nutrition in protein vegetarian diets needs some consideration. Nuts, for example, are high in protein, fats and calories. Cheese and eggs are also high in fats and cholesterol.

Low fat protein shakes, made with real food, not powder, are good alternatives although they tend to get boring if overused. They also tend to be low in fiber when compared to other veggie meals. An 8-ounce bowl of lentils, broccoli and tofu salad, for example, provides almost the same number of calories as an 8-ounce protein shake, but the salad has more plant nutrients and fiber.

For people who want to ensure an adequate source of protein and nutrients in their meatless diet, they are in luck. Several online resources provide all they need to know about nutritionally sound high protein “veggie” meals.

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Chatelaine’s Vegetarian Meal Planner

A great place to start is the Vegetarian Meal Planner on the Chatelaine website. It provides a week’s menu of nutritionally sound, simple to prepare meals that are great in taste and easy on the budget. Recipes are also included, complete with directions, nutrition and caloric content.

The most seductive part of this meal plan is its simplicity. You don’t need to look for substitutes for elusive ingredients. You don’t need to calculate the meal’s nutritional value.

All you have to do is start off your first week on their recommended meal plan, assess it and then either continue using it or customize your own meal plan using Chatelaine’s “How to Create Your Own Meal Plan ” tool.

Livestrong’s Diet and Fitness Site

Another great resource for protein vegetarian diet meal plans can be found in Here, you are introduced to a series of articles, providing information on where you can find vegetarian sources of protein, what constitutes a healthy vegetarian meal plan and how meal plans for vegan and lacto-vegetarian diets are different.

You can also tap into the site’s fitness section, which provides several video workouts for strengthening the abs, core,. legs, arms and back. A “Dare to Change” section encourages participants to stick to various dares – like losing weight, sticking to a meal plan or exercise plan.

Menu Ideas for Complete Protein Combination

A more personal approach to veggie meal plans can be seen in For several years, site owner Mimi Avishari has been creating balanced vegetarian meals for her family. Her website provides not only unique vegetarian recipes that are her family’s favorites, but also recipes sent to her by loyal readers.

You can check out information on where to get good vegetarian protein sources, how to make sure you get complete proteins in your diet and how to put together vegetarian menus that ensure you get quality proteins from various sources.

Vegan Breakfast Recipes

Finally, the Toronto Vegetarian Association provides information on vegetarian meal planning that is rich in multicultural tradition and variety. There is also a section on Vegan Breakfast ideas presenting vegan recipes that are quick, nutritious and delicious.

Homemade granola, for example, can be made with peanuts, sunflower seeds, rolled oats, flax seeds, oil and maple syrup – twelve cups of nutrition made in your kitchen at a fraction of the cost of store bought packages.

Lunch, dinner and snack recipes are presented as well on the site so you can easily pick and choose what recipe you would like to put together in a meal plan that works for you.

With such prolific online resources pitching recipes and meal plans, there is no excuse for not starting the new year with the goal towards better health through protein vegetarian diet meal plans.

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