Purebred Dogs – What, me resemble my dog?

Purebred Dogs – What, me resemble my dog?: More than meets the eye….

We’ve all seen those articles that infer that a dog owner begins to take on the outward appearance of their dog. I for one, feel I have little physically in common with my dog (a KBT). I’m sure you would agree this premise does not have enough documentation! Certainly I did not choose Maggie because she would resemble me! People own dogs for different reasons and in an earlier article I dealt with choosing your pet based on exercise time, training time, home alone time, grooming time, and physical attributes. Now I’d like to look at the less objective reasons for dog ownership.

Are dog owners of the same breed similar? Do you fit the profile of other owners for your breed? Check How dogs and their Owner’s Personalities are Similar where significant research is posted on the similarities among owners of same breeds as compared to other dog breed owners. This site is worth a visit if you own, or if you are considering owning, one of the surveyed breeds. Unfortunately (or fortunately) the characteristics of Kerry Blue Terrier owners weren’t studied. Read the comments of the researcher on how the answers were obtained. Selecting random breeds to read up on, I did note characteristics identified that I too had noticed in certain owners in far less controlled situations.

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Here’s another interesting consideration when you are selecting a breed! I’ve always recognized that my Maggie was a child replacement but a surrogate mother??? “Using a psychological test, Dr. Valerie O’Farrell, a psychologist working at the University’s Dick Vet found that most owners see their dogs as similar to their mothers. In her new book ‘Dog’s Best Friend’, Dr. O’Farrell argues that most dogs do, in fact, make good parents. They love their owners unconditionally and make them feel secure. But some owners – who may have had unhappy childhoods and are looking for an ‘ideal’ parent to compensate – can expect too much of their dogs.” ‘Dog’s Best Friend: How not to be a Problem Owner’ is published by Methuen.

Dog ownership has its ups and its downs. Matters of the Heart will give you a perspective you may not have considered when becoming a dog owner crossed your mind. While you are at this site check out their other articles too.

Having tried to assimilate much of this information I am passing on, I do have to acknowledge that dog ownership is what you make of it! Enjoy.

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