Serial Killer-A Different Kind of Serial Killer

Serial Killer-A Different Kind of Serial Killer:

Charles Kembo is currently on trial for the murder of his wife, girlfriend, stepdaughter and business partner. The murders allegedly occurred between 2002 and 2005.

Kembo, 41, was arrested in July 2005 and charged with four counts of first degree murder. He is alleged to have killed his wife, girlfriend, step-daughter and business partner between late 2002 and July 2005.

Kembo’s Criminal History in Canada-Serial Killer

Charles Kembo arrived in Canada in 1989 as a government-sponsored refugee from the African country of Malawi. Shortly after his arrival he was convicted of theft as well as charges of defrauding welfare by using over 20 different names in order to collect benefits. Kembo was ordered deported in 1994 but the order was stayed by the Immigration and Refugee Board on the grounds that he was a genuine refugee and his crimes were non-violent.

The prosecution is arguing that the murders were committed solely out of greed. It is alleged that after each murder, Kembo assumed the identity of his victims and used their PIN numbers, bank accounts, insurance policies and other assets for his own benefit.

Kembo’s Alleged Victims-Serial Killer

The first victim was Kembo’s wife Margaret, 44. She went missing in the latter days of 2002 and her body was never found. Charles Kembo is alleged to have collected over $200,000 after her disappearance by using her identity documents.

The body of Ardon Samuel, 38, Kembo’s business partner was discovered in a Vancouver park on November 5, 2003. His body had been mutilated and partially covered with leaves. Racist notes were found beside the body of Ardon Samuel who was black. Police believe that Kembo attempted to throw police off the track by making the murder appear to be a racially motivated crime.

The body of Kembo’s girlfriend, Sui Yan Ma, 55, was found stuffed into a hockey bag in Richmond B.C. on November 4, 2004. Autopsy results showed that Ma was either drowned or strangled.

The final known murder was that of Kembo’s step-daughter, Rita Yeung, 20. Her body was discovered, clad only in a bra and wrapped in green garbage bags in the Fraser River on July 27, 2005. The prosecution is alleging that semen was found inside Yeung’s body and that it matches the DNA of the accused. Charles Kembo, who had been under police surveillance for some time was arrested immediately after this discovery and has been in custody ever since. As with all the other murders, Kembo was allegedly found in possession of financial documents of the victim.

Types of Multiple Murderers

Üç veya dörtten fazla kişiyi öldürenler genellikle üç ayrı gruba ayrılır. İlk grup toplu katildir. Bir toplu katil, sürekli bir süre boyunca en az dört kişiyi öldüren kişi olarak tanımlanır. Tipik bir toplu katliam, geçen ay Mesac Damas’ın karısının ve beş çocuğunun cesetlerinin evlerinde bulunduğu Collier Country Florida’da meydana gelen bir olaydır . Damas’ın memleketi Haiti’ye kaçtığına inanılıyor. Columbine Lisesi’nde 20 yıl önce meydana gelen silahlı çatışmalar gibi olaylar da toplu cinayet olarak sınıflandırılıyor.

İkinci sınıflandırma, çılgın katildir. Çılgın katiller, sürekli bir süre boyunca birkaç kişiyi öldürür, ancak çılgın katiller kurbanlarını birden fazla yerde öldürmeleri bakımından toplu katillerden farklıdır. Bir çılgın katil örneği, 1950’lerin sonlarında ABD’nin Ortabatı’sında on bir kişiyi öldüren Charles Starkweather’dır . Yakın ailesini öldüren ve daha sonra kayınpederlerinin evine gidip onları öldüren bir kişi de çılgın bir katil olarak nitelendirilir.

The final category of the multiple murderers is that of serial killers. Serial killers are those who murder three or more people but the murders are spread out over time and distance. Ted Bundy, who murdered at least 30 women between 1973 and 1978, is a classic example of a serial killer.

If Guilty, Kembo Would be a Different Kind of Serial Killer

Convictions against Charles Kembo on at least 3 of the 4 first degree murder charges against him would qualify him as a serial killer. But as serial killers go, he would be unusual. Most serial killers like Bundy kill because of a sexual or other compulsion. If the allegations against Kembo are true, they stemmed solely from a financial motive. And while family members and close friends are often victims of mass murderers or spree killers, they are hardly ever the victims of serial killers who, like the alleged victims of Charles Kembo, were killed about a year apart. Unlike others who kill family members there is nothing to suggest jealousy, hatred or any other emotional reason to cause their deaths.

Kembo’s trial is expected to last between six and eight months.

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