Show Love to Her-3 Simple Ways to Show Love to Her

Show Love to Her-3 Simple Ways to Show Love to Her

Women tend to put more stock in Valentine’s Day than men do, and many may consider it a perfect day to celebrate love. But love need not be celebrated on Valentine’s Day alone, but is for every day. As much as women like tangible gifts, they also like time, attention and affection. Consider these suggestions for simple activities and attitudes that help tell a lady that she is loved. 3 Simple Ways to Show Love to Her

Every Woman’s Gift

Women like to give and receive gifts, and in general when a woman gives a gift, she does her best to make sure it is a good gift. A lady likes to know the same care and thought is put into the gifts she receives. For a man who is lost on a gift to give to his girl, remember that as old fashioned as it seems, most women like flowers. 3 Simple Ways to Show Love to Her

To show her love with a tangible gift, buy her flowers. Giving flowers to a girl is an oldie but a goodie. Women like to receive them, to smell them, to look at them and to have them. True that some like it better than others, but it is worth a try to give flowers to any girl. Try finding out what flowers she may like best and giving her those. Then she will know that her man has been paying attention to her as well.

Love Equals Time and Attention

A girl likes to have the attention of her man. She may just be talking about how her day went and whether it was a plain day, a good day or a bad one, she wants her man to listen to her while she talks about it. Women have the ability to do something while carrying on a conversation, and although it may not seem like it, she is listening and communicating. She likes to know that her man can do the same.

On the other hand, when a woman really wants to talk, she will likely sit still, make eye contact, and converse. And when her man does the same, then she is assured that he is not only listening, but interested in what she has to say. r

Simple Affection, Love and Respect

Men like to know that they are respected, and it helps them feel more loved. Women value love and like to feel loved. In this way, love and respect go hand in hand. Affection is a way to reassure a woman that she is loved. Many women value simple acts of affection. A man should take a moment to cuddle his wife or girlfriend. A hug or a kiss or simply holding her hand will make her feel loved in that moment, and most likely the action will be reciprocated.

Women value love, and feel it more through a man who listens and offers attention and affection to her. Consider these simple acts for ways to say “I love you” to that special lady not just on Valentine’s Day but any day and every day.

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