Superstitions- A Few Common Superstitions

A Few Common Superstitions.

Learn what some common superstitions are. Learn what will make good luck and what brings bad luck. Learn some superstitions on many topics.

Superstitions are a large part of many cultures. These myths and legends persist despite modern findings that might prove these beliefs have no basis in reality. Superstitions often affect the behaviors of those that hold to them. Learn about some of the more common superstitions.

Superstitions About Babies

There are a wide variety of superstitions surrounding babies. Some of these are about baptism. One says that if the baby cries while being baptized the devil is leaving the child. Another says that a babe’s crying during baptism is good luck. However that superstition says that it is unlucky for the child’s godmother to wear clothing of mourning.

Yet another baptism-related tale says that if male and female twins are baptized, the boy must be baptized first or he shall never grow a beard, while his sister will.

Other superstitions about babies concern first actions. It is said that if at birth, the little one cries and lifts a hand, that child is born to command. Another saying goes that if an infant smiles while sleeping they are speaking with angels.

Yet another superstition says that evil spirits try to enter yawning babies. For this reason, it is recommended that the sign of a cross be made over a youngster that is yawning to prevent the evil spirits from succeeding. Common superstitions around the world

Love and Marriage

One of the superstitions surrounding marriage holds that if a woman is three times a bridesmaid, she will never marry. Another superstition says that an engaged lady should never let another person remove her ring engagement ring from her finger, nor should she allow others to wear it; otherwise, the wedding be called off.

It’s also said that mother-in-laws should test the daughter-in-law to be by placing a broom on the floor. The superstition says that if the woman puts it back in its place she will be a good housewife. If she merely steps over it rather than moving it she will not make a good housewife.

One superstition surrounding the bride’s attire says that if she tries or her wedding dress before the ceremony she will be unhappy in her marriage. One common marriage superstition says that wearing a black dress is bad luck. Common superstitions around the world

About Luck

A common superstition about luck holds that traveling on Friday is bad luck. A dream about onions is said to be good luck. To find a horseshoe is good luck for the finder. Also, the more nails in the horseshoe, the luckier it is said to be.

When placing a horseshoe over a home’s door for luck, the curved part of the horseshoe must face the floor (situated in a “U” position); otherwise, it’s said that the luck will spill out.

There are certainly many more superstitions than those discussed.Often, superstitions will vary based on culture. Weather they are taken seriously or not, superstitions play a role in many people’s day to day lives.

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